Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Safeguarding Companies


  • Stocktaking with the aim of safeguarding companies’ long-term existence
    for people, business enterprises, and organizations
  • Foresight consulting: Empowering and reducing the load on people as “entrepreneurs”
  • Advisory services, workshops, and Events: targeted support and implementation in all areas related to safeguarding companies
  • One-on-one coaching sessions for entrepreneurs, managers, and staff
  • ECC Steinbeis Enterprise Company Check

Experts at Steinbeis Consulting Center Safeguarding Companies are members of the Steinbeis Consulting Group Personal (SCGP). The Group is an association of experienced experts from various Steinbeis Enterprises who specialize in organizational and personnel development as well as personnel and competence management and cover a broad portfolio of services. Further information on the SCGP can be found at

Key Areas

  • Direction and security for entrepreneurs
  • Strategic safeguarding of companies and business focus
  • Customer and service orientation as a foundation effective interaction
  • Shaping the future – knowledge and innovation management
  • Recruitment and retention of specialists
  • Safeguarding companies and company succession as a basis of specialist Retention

Project Examples

  • Foresight consulting as a preventative service for entrepreneurs
    being and remaining a entrepreneur with foresight
  • Complaints management:
    If you emerge from a complaint as the winner, you lose the customer
  • Service management in everyday administration

Further Contact Persons

Günther Luber
Phone: +49 7031 2814308


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