Steinbeis Transfer Center Cetex - Processing technologies for technical textiles


  • Development, conceptualization and design of processing machinery for technical textiles
  • Mechanical production and prototype manufacturing
  • Development and production of materials
  • Project coordination of research projects

Key Areas

  • Processing technologies for technical textiles (carbon, basalt, glass, aramid, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of complex processing technologies for fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) structures
  • Development of materials for thermoplastic and duroplastic applications

Project Examples

  • Development of processing technologies for near net shape preform production
  • Thermoplastic prepreg technologies
  • Stress-resistant organic sheeting
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Altchemnitzer Str. 11, D-09120 Chemnitz
Phone: +49 162 2888337
Fax: +49 371 5277-100
Management: Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Sebastian Nendel
(Stand: 12/01/2022)

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