Steinbeis Interagierende Systeme GmbH


The Steinbeis enterprise for interacting systems, Interagierende Systeme GmbH, serves as a development partner for all tasks relating to the testing of embedded systems. It focuses on the design, development, setup and operation of testing platforms used for the testing of advanced driver assistance systems.

Key Areas

  • Testing instruments for the functional testing of embedded systems
  • Testing procedures for the testing of embedded systems
  • Testing of embedded systems with environmental detection sensor technology, especially in terms of their interaction with their environment
  • Simulation of environmental detection sensor technology and connection to environmental models
  • Automated evaluation of testing results
  • Description, implementation and realization of test cases for advanced driver assistance systems

The application of PC-based HiL simulations as a testing measure for advanced driver assistance systems or integrated systems in the automotive environment enables the setup of affordable testing platforms based on standard PC hardware and the connection of common fieldbus systems in automobiles like CAN, LIN or FlexRay.


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Johannes-Kepler-Straße 10, D-71083 Herrenberg
Phone: +49 7032 2295-415
Management: Dr. Oliver Bühler
Dr. Daniel Ulmer
(Stand: 09/21/2023)

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