Steinbeis Transfer Center Solar Thermal Energy Systems


  • Project development
  • Engineering and software development
  • Product design management
  • Consulting and training

Key Areas

  • Solar thermal plant development
    • System design
    • Process and plant technology
  • Holistic energetic consulting
    • Comparative studies
    • System optimization
  • Computer-aided component development
    • Prototype construction
    • Building inspection
  • Business coaching, seminars and lectures on solarthermics

Project Examples

  • Solar thermal plant development
    • System design and evaluation for supercritical power plants considering potential heat transfer mediums
    • Development of a comprehensive system of the plant design by combining commercial calculation software
    • Time-dependent thermodynamic modelling of thermally stressed components in solar thermal systems
  • System evaluation of solar thermal components
    • Economical evaluation of directly absorbing heat transfer mediums in solarthermics for the potential forecast and decision support
    • Detailed technology evaluation of different high temperature receiver with and without direct absorption
    • Technical and economical evaluation of innovative component variations in the entire power plant in view of increased temperatures
  • Research and development in solarthermics
    • Characterization of the optical properties of heat transfer mediums
    • Thermodynamic modelling of diverse new receiver concepts
    • Feasibility study regarding diverse receiver technologies in the radiation furnace
  • Project development and project management
    • Preparation and bankability study for the European funding program Horizon 2020
    • Project development and implementation of the installation of a solar thermal pilot plant with chain receiver technology
    • Risk management, consulting and coping with risky working packages when implementing solar thermal construction projects


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

“Public Acceptance is Important in Establishing Emerging Technology in the Long Term” (Transfer 1/2020)
An interview for TRANSFER magazine with entrepreneur Dr. Csaba Singer

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