Steinbeis Consulting Center Business Plan Coaching and Corporate Finance


Consulting and coaching in all company phases

  • Company foundation
  • Corporate development/reorganization
  • Business area expansion/change/expansion

Always with a strong focus on corporate financing, possible funding and the necessary financial communication with capital and fund providers.

Key Areas

  • Development of business plans/business plan coaching
  • Consulting on company foundation and company consolidation
  • Strategy coaching
  • Financial communication, preparation and support for financing negotiations, development of financing concepts also with alternative financing options
  • Qualified financial consulting/financial concepts for funding programs from the government and states
  • Funding consulting, consulting promotion, financial promotion, special programs in rural areas
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Project management financial topics and projects for the development of rural areas

Project Examples

  • Business plan coaching with a financial concept for a fashion label in transnational cooperation Germany-Spain including financial communication with capital providers.
  • Business plan coaching with a financial concept for franchisee in the perfume industry in cooperation with an international operating franchise company.
  • Business plan coaching with a financial concept for self-service in the motorcycle industry, quad rental, quad events. Use of the microcredit and „micromezzanin“ program of the government.
  • Management buy-out of a service company in the health sector with a financial concept. Preparation and support of talks with house and funding banks.
  • Business plan coaching with a financial concept for outsourcing a publishing sector within a large publishing house. Preparation and support of the entrepreneur for talks with the house and funding bank. Combined financing of promotional loan and „micromezzanin“ program of the government. Ongoing corporate coaching after the takeover.
  • Strategy coaching at an office for business communication, for business field extension, diversification, organizational change, revenue analysis, work-life balance.
  • Business plan coaching, development concept with a financial concept for enterprises in online trading. Expansion and offshoring with real estate investment. Talks with municipalities and other providers for commercial properties. Support and preparation for talks with house and funding banks.
  • Project manager project micro finance consulting, support of micro financing for business start-up, strengthening start-ups. Development, testing and preparation of the micro financing in Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance Baden-Württemberg financed by the European Social Fund and co-financing resources from the state of Baden-Württemberg.
  • Contributor in a regional development concept within a bottom-up process for Süd-Baar as a member of the association ÖkoRegio e.V. for the application of LEADER, a development program for the rural area in the funding period 2014-2020 initiated through the municipalities Donaueschingen, Hüfingen, Bräunlingen, Blumberg, Bad Dürrheim.
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Dekan-Metz-Straße 11, D-78199 Bräunlingen
Phone: +49 771 8977930
Management: Ralf Stolarski
(Stand: 09/17/2021)

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