Steinbeis Innovation Center Joining Technology


  • Development of joining strategies and connection technologies
  • Joining- and process-compatible design of assembly modules
  • Characterization of joint features – assessment of join quality
  • Process analysis and optimization of joints by measuring significant process indicators

Key Areas

  • Development of beam technologies for joining different combinations of materials
  • Development of joining techniques for use in medical technology and precision engineering
  • Validation and expansion of process monitoring and analysis methods
  • Validation of diffusion-based joining techniques and integration into manufacturing process chains

Project Examples

  • Laser beam micro-joining of cannula tubes in medical products
  • Diffusion-based joining strategies for applications in thermal and material transportation
  • Strategies for the processing of joining techniques in application-optimized materials
  • Comparison of joining technologies with respect to process optimization and substitution methods
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Am weißen Stein 20, D-09117 Chemnitz
Phone: +49 1523 3674156
Management: Prof. Dr. Peter Mayr

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