Steinbeis Transfer Center Measurement Systems, Sensor Technology and Signal Processing


  • Consultation
  • Development of analog and digital electronics
  • Drafting of measurement conventions and tools
  • Performance and assessment of measurement test series

Key Areas

  • Analog and digital circuit switching technology, optoelectronics, electronics
  • Amplifiers, analog signal processing
  • Dimensional analysis with a focus on optoelectronics 

Project Examples

  • Transimpedance amplifiers for photomultipliers, APDs (avalanche photodiodes), photodiodes and PSDs (position sensitive devices)
  • Spectroscopy with LED, fluorescent detection and ultraviolet LED radiation sources
  • Optical measurement of aquifers
  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy
  • ns-pulse technology (LED, laser), condition analysis of LEDs, thermal management and EMW
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Zeppelinstr. 38, D-73430 Aalen
Phone: +49 7366 402100
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Zipfl
(Stand: 10/22/2021)

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