Steinbeis Transfer Center Illumination Optics and Lighting Engineering


  • Luminaires development and feasibility studies
  • Development and optimization of illumination systems using simulation processes
  • Optical measurement
  • Lighting design conforming to standards and ergonomics
  • Spectroscopic analysis of light sources
  • Consulting and continuing professional development for technology and innovation management

Key Areas

  • Lighting technology (lighting development and technical lighting measurement)
  • Development and optimization of optical systems (illumination optics)
  • Innovation and technology management
  • Efficient and ergonomic illumination planning

Project Examples

  • Testing of glare created by LED lamps for internal use (with Fraunhofer IAO - Stuttgart)
  • Development of background lighting for a user interface made of glass with UV(A) LEDs for automatic disinfection
  • Development of a hybrid illumination device with LED and OLED as the light source
  • Analysis of the potential of a modular lighting system with an LED spotlight: LED-Lightpipe®

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Cutting-edge technology for historic cities (Transfer 2/2013)
Efficient LED lighting in public spaces

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Schwarzwaldstrasse 10, D-78120 Furtwangen
Phone: +49 761 38427003
Management: Prof. Dr. Paola Belloni
(Stand: 11/07/2018)

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