Steinbeis Transfer Center Technical Software


  • Development of technical software
  • Software project consulting
  • Technical software training

Key Areas

  • Automotive testing systems and developments
  • GSM and UMTS mobile telephony development
  • Hardware-centric software projects
  • Protocol development

Project Examples

  • Development of diagnostic software for automotive companies; tested and evaluated ASAM MCD 3 server testing systems. Redeveloped diagnostic systems for the US and Japanese market based on existing environments. Introduced KWFB and UDS control unit protocols and created testing software. Developed complex self-testing system using Java for the ASAM MCD 3 project. Software: Java, C, C++, GPD
  • Programming of a mobile testing device for use with control unit data for automotive companies. Introduced a client server application for the project via wifi in C++. The client ran on a webpad, which managed control unit testing software remotely in real time. Software: C++
  • Developed a GSM-R network monitoring system for the telematic systems of German railroad operator DB on behalf of a mobile communications supplier. This involved designing a complete system for testing the quality of service parameters of the railway’s GSM-R network. External devices such as odometers and WSEs were connected. The final result was a statistical evaluation and presentation of QoS parameters. Software: C++, Java, Statistica
  • Driver development, development of an embedded PC testing environment for the American GSM network on behalf of a mobile communications supplier. Software: C++, DDK
  • Graphical programming, 3D production simulation for mechanical engineering companies. Software: C++, Grit+, Open GL
  • GSM and UMTS protocol development, error detection in cellphone networks, an automated testing environment for a producer of a cellphone testing system. Software: C++, ASN1, PSDL
  • A filling unit control system in truck production; simulation and testing environment. Software: C, C++, Interbus, Profibus 
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