Steinbeis Transfer Center FLOWTRANS


  • Aerodynamic dimensioning of air-conveying turbine machines (ventilators, wind turbines, air turbines) and components in ventilation Engineering
  • Calculations of ventilation systems using fluid kinetic machines
  • Consulting on acute issues relating to air-conveying machines and systems - reduction of noise and echo
  • Surveyor's reports
  • Test bench planning

Key Areas

  • Fluid-mechanical design of axial and radial ventilators, air and wind turbines
  • Aero-acoustics
  • Optimizations
  • Analysis of ventilation systems (pressure drops, performance, flow-accelerated oscillation)

Project Examples

  • Design of low-noise, high-efficiency axial ventilators for railway and industrial use
  • Design of low-noise, high-efficiency radial ventilators for automotive and tools engineering
  • Design of wind turbines in power plants to harness energy from ocean waves
  • Design and planning of standardized fan test benches
  • Damage assessment of silos with pneumatic actuators
  • Damage assessment in air-conditioning systems for rail Engineering
  • Seminar/Training
    • Drafting techniques for ventilators
    • Introduction to technical acoustics


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

  • The Ideal (Air) Flow (Transfer 1/2023)
    A family-owned business develops a test bed for optimizing fans with the support of Steinbeis experts
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Im Nassen 17, D-57250 Netphen
Phone: + 49 152 28619377
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Carolus
(Stand: 03/23/2021)

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