Steinbeis Transfer Center Innovation and Sustainable Leadership (ISL)


  • Project development and process support for innovation projects
  • Applied innovation research in the social sciences and transfer into practice
  • Multidimensional organization and culture analysis for strengthening innovative power
  • Social and organizational scientific analysis and group projects
  • Expansion of and assistance with strategic alliances and innovation networks
  • Learning Journeys (various target groups)
  • Designing and supporting innovation processes
  • Multiple-stakeholder dialog, future-oriented workshops, scenarios, world café
  • Potential and team development
  • Community building in organizations
  • Coaching
  • Training and continuing professional development  

Key Areas

  • Innovative business cultures
  • Design, music, art and management
  • Innovation management
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Social innovations and corporate social innovation
  • Corporate responsibility and corporate governance
  • Sustainable business
  • Value-oriented management
  • Transformational management and leadership
  • Learning in organizations/organizational learning
  • Empowerment in organizations

Project Examples

  • Learning Journey venture – team academy
  • Social entrepreneurship (to date at Duisburg-Essen University and Girne American University of Cyprus)
  • Applied research projects
  • “Innovative Business Cultures”
  • Strategic alliances and sustainable development (
  • Music – innovation – corporate culture (
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Schalkenbergstr. 9, D-82396 Pähl
Phone: +49 151 16171878
Management: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stark
(Stand: 01/09/2023)

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