Steinbeis Transfer Center Material Simulation and Process Optimization


  • Development of models and software
  • Simulation computation for use in material and process analysis
  • Parameter and optimization studies
  • Virtual material design
  • Consulting and applied research in the fields of model development, software development, simulation, data evaluation and visualization
  • Writing of expert reports
  • Continuing professional development, training and seminars

Key Areas

  • Model development
    • Problem and needs analysis
    • Phase field modeling
    • Flow modeling using Navier Stokes and Lattice Boltzmann
    • Elasticity and micromagnetism
    • Scale-independent process description
    • Coupling of atomistic computations (e.g. MD) with microstructure simulations
  • Simulation technology
    • Development of numerical discretization processes
    • Numerical partial differential equations
    • Efficient and adaptive processes
    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Coupling of thermodynamic databases
  • Software development
    • Interfaces for linking up external applications
    • Conversion of experimental data into simulation parameters
    • Development and programming of simulation tools
    • Parallelization and performance optimization on high performance computers
    • Software design and engineering
    • Process-specific algorithms for use in data analysis
    • Visualization technology and application in virtual reality environments (CAVE)
  • Processes and applications
    • Microstructure development in materials
    • Phase transition and thermodynamic computation
    • Material and heat diffusion in multi-component systems
    • Multi-phase systems
    • Virtual quantitative microstructure characterization, prediction of characteristic microstructure parameters such as dendrite arm spacing
    • Parameter studies for determining correlations between microstructure properties
    • Reverse engineering aimed at estimating parameters
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Polycrystalline grain structures, grain ripening
    • Heat treatment, tempering
    • Optimization of material properties and processes
    • Foundry and cooling processes, solidification structures
    • Structural development in sintering processes
    • Fatigue strength analysis
  • Consulting, expert reports and training 
    • Model development and simulation
    • Material simulation
    • Flow simulation
    • High performance computing, scientific computing
    • Software development
  • Know-how
    • The STC director has many years of experience in applied and industrial research and development. Numerous awards such as the State Research Prize, the 2005 Materials Science and Technology Prize of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS), the 2002 Richard von Mises Award of the Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM), do-IT Software Awards 2004 and 2007. Motivated, interdisciplinary team. Highly adaptable.

Project Examples

Pace3D is a comprehensive software package for running large-scale, parallel 3D simulations of microstructure formations in materials, taking flows, heat and mass diffusion, elastic pressure and tensile stress, and magnetism into account. The software is used in a variety of material systems, such as metal alloys, ceramic materials, polymers, geological, biological and biomimetic systems. A variety of methods and algorithms are provided for analyzing data and visualization. The Pace3D package contains: pre-processing tools for initializing and configuring simulations, main processing with a numerical solution for model equations based on efficient parallel and adaptive algorithms used to optimize the application of high performance computers, post-processing tools for the evaluation and high-quality visualization of simulation data.

Simulation computations are used for computer-aided material research, process prediction and optimization, involving:

  • metal alloys
  • ceramic materials
  • biological and biomimetic systems
  • polymers
  • geological materials


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