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The Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute (FSTI) is a research institution for business transformation with a bearing on digital solutions and networking. The FSTI is located in Stuttgart-Hohenheim and on the education campus in Heilbronn.

The research projects conducted by the FSTI have a strong focus on transfer into business and revolve around changes in economic and social structures resulting from the increasing shift toward digital technology. The institute sees digital transformation as steering physical processes and objects using virtual equivalents.

The FSTI is a research faculty belonging to Steinbeis University and also home to the German Regional Team of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the Digital Trust Forum (DTF).

Key Areas

  • Industrial internet/Industry 4.0
  • Digital transformation and society
  • Innovation and transfer management
  • Autonomization and IT trustworthiness


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

What’s the Point? Discussing the Usefulness of Science (Transfer 3/2021)
The Max Syrbe Symposium is streamed from the Heilbronn Education Campus
The 2021 Steinbeis Engineering Day: The Role Played by AIoT in Practice (Transfer 3/2021)
How artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) creates benefits for business
How a Strong Corporate Culture Helps Firms Succeed with Digital Transformation (Transfer 2/2021)
Steinbeis experts examine agile teams at SMEs as part of a pilot project
Loss of Control During the Digital Transformation Process Factors influencing and shaping technology acceptance in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Transfer 2/2021)
As part of a study, the Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute investigates the impact of loss of Control on attitudes toward new technology among the general public
Agile Teams: A Key Success Factor for Digital Transformation in Value Creation Networks (Transfer 1/2021)
The Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute provides support for cross-company and cross-industry collaboration
The 2021 Steinbeis Engineering Day: Smart Connected Products (Transfer 3/2020)
When artificial intelligence meets the internet of things
Editorial (Transfer 3/2020)
Data Cooperatives: An Opportunity for AI in german SMEs (Transfer 3/2020)
The Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute designs a cooperative concept for the digital space
Calliope – Digital Support for Care Services in Rural Areas (Transfer 2/2020)
Steinbeis experts turn to digital technology and collaboration
From Digitalization to Business Transformation (Transfer 2/2020)
An interview with Prof. Dr. Heiner Lasi and Michael Köhnlein
Autonomization: Reality or (still) Fiction? (Transfer 1/2020)
The principles behind autonomous aircraft
GreenCityLab: Visionary Travel Solutions Tested in Real Settings (Transfer 1/2020)
Engineering autonomous travel solutions requires new approaches to developing urban spaces
Grasping Technology: Experiencing Autonomous Flying Hands-On (Transfer 1/2020)
Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute organizes event to promote wider public acceptance of new technology
Loss of Control and Acceptance for Technology (Transfer 1/2020)
The Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute investigates why technological developments often „get the cold shoulder“
Economy x.0: a challenge to business and society (Transfer 2/2019)
For business enterprises, the economy, and society, digital transformation involves change
Let’s talk about technology* (Transfer 2/2019)
Steinbeis expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Norbert Höptner appeals for more openness to technological developments
Making a success out of digital transformation in wholesaling (Transfer 2/2019)
Toolbox developed by the Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute prepares wholesalers for the future
Digital Transformation Without “The” IT (Transfer 2/2019)
A review of the 2019 Steinbeis Engineering Day Steinbeis event showcases successful examples from restaurants and catering, the manual trades, wholesaling, and manufacturing
The 2019 Steinbeis Engineering Day: Digital Transformation Without “The” IT (Transfer 4/2018)
Successful examples from restaurants and catering, the manual trades, wholesaling, and manufacturing
SMEs on a Path to New Realms of Digital Technology (Transfer 3/2018)
From IIC testing to the Micro Testbed
Micro Testbeds – Research and Application in New Ecosystems (Transfer 3/2018)
The one crucial factor is trust
“Everyone involved derives benefit from collaboration” (Transfer 3/2018)
Micro Testbed participants describe their experiences
The Digital Transformation Process at SMEs (Transfer 3/2018)
Practical examples from retailing, the manual trades, service providers, and tooling and mold-making
Three Success Factors Affecting the Introduction of Micro Testbeds (Transfer 3/2018)
Selecting the right participants – trust – organization
Editorial (Transfer 4/2017)
Blockchain – Facts Behind the Hype (Transfer 4/2017)
Spotting opportunities and exploiting them
Business Models in Internet-Based Value Creation Networks – A Capability Approch (Transfer 4/2017)
The Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute (FSTI) is developing an alternative model for creating digital business models
New Ecosystems Stemming from Digital Transformation and Networking – Also a Challenge for Science (Transfer 2/2017)
The Industrial Internet Consortium – More Than Just a Network (Transfer 2/2017)
Digital solutions spanning different sectors of industry: interdisciplinary and international
Just Test(bed) IT – The Successful Way to Add Value (Transfer 2/2017)
A review of the Steinbeis Engineering Day 2017
News from the Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute (Transfer 1/2017)
Projects aimed at promoting digitalization
Just Test(bed) IT: Successfully Creating Added Value (Transfer 4/2016)
Steinbeis Engineering Day 2017
Why Shaving off Every Gram is not a Contribution to Solve the Grand Challenge (Transfer 2/2016)
A call for holistic sustainability and additive manufacturing
Collaboration on the Internet of Things (Transfer 1/2016)
Industry 4.0 platform and the Industrial Internet Consortium to join forces
Steinbeis Swipe! (Transfer 2/2015)
Does work-life balance equal happier people? (Transfer 2/2012)
Twelfth Steinbeis Consultant Forum
A changing working world? (Transfer 1/2012)
Steinbeis consulting survey
Are values shifting? (Transfer 4/2010)
Steinbeis study in partnership with JCI Germany
Collective Intelligence: Pinpointing the Wisdom of Crowds (Transfer 2/2009)
Steinbeis University Berlin research workshop



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Phone: +49 711 1839-808
Management: Prof. Dr. habil. Heiner Lasi
(Stand: 09/06/2021)

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