Steinbeis Transfer Center Institute for Applied Psychology


  • Scientifically sound consulting for individuals and organizations involved in business and administration relating to application-based psychological issues
  • Applied psychology, especially organizational psychology; communication psychology
  • Team-based organization (co-operative organization): planning of introduction processes; team development, team analysis; fostering of team-working skills
  • Psychological process support for project teams
  • Development of professional communication skills and structures
  • Intercultural communication – collaborative development between co-workers from different cultures
  • Psychologically sound development of concepts for management, consulting, coaching, supervision
  • Methods of innovative thinking; development of concepts, individually or in groups; methodical design of/support with decision-making processes (individually or in groups)
  • Collaboration with other organizations and companies with psychological input on complex tasks

Key Areas

  • Team development: theoretical consulting, training, reorganization of collaboration in business and administration
    • Introduction processes of team-based organization as an instrument of innovation/reform
    • Development of end-to-end concepts used in change processes on a senior management level
    • Team-building
    • Development and delivery of training for
      • Direct managers/lead functions
      • Team members/whole teams
  • Support processes for establishing new collaboration structures
  • (Web-based) team diagnostics; instruments for checking the standard of collaboration in organizations
  • Special training on collaboration in multicultural/multinational teams (intercultural communication)
  • Team development and project team support in research and development (team building, coaching, supervision)
  • Team diagnostics – modules based on the method TeamDiagnoseSystem (TDS) for (self) monitoring and improvement of the standard of collaboration in departments/teams
  • Training (incl. supervision) in psychologically sound communication (e.g. coaching/consulting skills, client meetings)
  • Teaching of specialist knowledge and skills for use with different target groups (e.g. addressing/contacting different age groups)
  • Consulting of individuals and groups/teams in organizations:
    • Intervention in situations involving conflict
    • Support with difficult decisions
    • Method support with the development of innovative concepts and products (TAE, thinking at the edge)
    • Training of managers in psychological skills, e.g.
    • Coaching – staff support skills
    • Dealing with conflicts with/among staff members
    • Clarification of personal perception of management roles
    • Health management (e.g. dealing with smoking; stress analysis and stress prevention; addiction)
    • Evaluation/research in named areas (stocktaking analysis, analysis of requirements, monitoring of effectiveness, empirical investigation and ongoing development of team-based collaboration concepts)

Project Examples

  • Introduction of teamwork in financial administration departments throughout the German state of Baden-Württemberg
  • Team diagnostics to kick off the re-structuring of a small mid-size company
  • Employee surveys (interactive planning processes, methodically sound implementation and statistical evaluation, design of processing systems at all hierarchy levels)
  • Psychological support during staff review meetings
  • Management training in the area of psychological skills (managing meetings, moderating conflict, staff motivation and management).
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Management: Prof. Dipl.-Psych. Heinz-Joachim Feuerstein
(Stand: 01/07/2019)

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