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Rationale/business purpose:
The Steinbeis Transfer Center for Health Promotion and Metabolism Research looks at the physiological influence of nutrition and certain nutrients on the human organism, particularly in combination with physical exercise (weight training, endurance training, vibration training).

We know today that the progression of many chronic medical conditions can be positively influenced by lifestyle changes, not just in preventative terms but also through therapeutic intervention. Healthy eating and exercise improve the risk profile of conditions such as diabetes and arterial sclerosis. They can also contribute to the retention of muscle power and muscle function. Both of these aspects are indispensable in, as far as possible, living an independent life and taking responsibility for oneself.

Against this backdrop, clinically controlled randomized studies are designed and carried out individually at the center according to the principles of good clinical practice (GCP). The Steinbeis Enterprise also offers a wealth of experience in the planning, implementation, and assessment of programs aimed at optimizing lifestyles. These programs revolve primarily around optimizing nutrition and increasing physical activity, and they are designed both face to face and as part of online training courses.   


  • Concept development and the conducting of clinical studies for evaluating the effect of nutrients on the human organism – in isolation or in combination with physical activity
  • The running and evaluation of lifestyle intervention programs with a focus on nutrition, physical activity, or both

The following measurement methods can be offered:

  • Quantitative analysis of all accepted risk factors with a bearing on cardiovascular disease
  • Special diagnostics of the regulation of high blood pressure (endothelial functional diagnostics)
  • Quantitative assessments of the concentration of free radicals in the blood and different cell compartments
  • Metabolic rate measurement
  • Measurement of metabolic regulation and macro-nutrient processing (fat vs. carbohydrate metabolic regulation) while resting or under exertion
  • Determination of body composition (fat vs. muscle mass)
  • Determination of bone density (DEXA)
  • Sonographic assessment of the structure and function of tendons
  • Experimentation looking at the ability to cope with physical stress, including lactate and respiratory air diagnostics on treadmills and bicycles
  • Different exercise equipment for training large groups of muscles and different types of endurance training devices


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

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Phone: + 43 1 427759130
Management: Prof. Dr. med. Daniel König
(Stand: 10/27/2020)

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