Steinbeis Transfer Center Water, Landscape, Environment


  • Conception, coordination, consultancy and scientific support of projects
  • Applied research and development in the listed thematic areas
  • Expert reports and feasibility studies
  • Organisation and performance of events (seminars, conferences etc.)
  • Thematic areas:
    • Applied landscape planning
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Urban Drainage
    • Management of dredging spoils
    • Hydrologic expertises
    • Hydrologic, hydraulic and pollution transport/transformation modelling in water management

Key Areas

    • Industrial Water Treatment
    • Analysis and remediation of contaminated sites (soils and groundwater)
    • Urban Drainage concepts
    • Water and Agriculture
    • Habitat fragmentation/habitat network/ habitat defragmentation
    • Monitoring/maintenance of wildlife crossings
    • Landscape planning
    • Avenue development, Avenue protection
    • Management of dredge material

    Project Examples

    • Biological assessments of wild animals in order to preserve or optimize habitat corridors in new developments, expanded areas of habitat, and conversion projects in the road network; development of proposed solutions in situations of conflict; expert support for the implementation of specialist developments
    • Monitoring of the use of green corridors/bridges and other animal movement programs near transportation routes
    • Long-term care and maintenance of animal movement programs
    • Optimization of dredging/excavation material management in coastal and inland areas by developing recommendations for preparing for and executing excavation, concept development and management of sedimentation and processing plants, classification and assessment of excavation materials, and recommendations on the marketing and disposal of excavation materials
    • Local classification and assessment of dredging materials deposited or processed in rinsing areas for evaluating processing possibilities
    • Practical testing of the use of processed dredging materials
    • Lysimeter experimentation for investigating material paths between soil and ground water
    • Planning of avenue development concepts on a regional and trans-regional level


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    Dr. Michael Henneberg
    Dipl.-Ing. Elke Peters-Ostenberg
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