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Almost all children and many adults have a curiosity for nature and technology. To ensure they do not lose this curiosity and that it fuels an enthusiasm to acquire knowledge and develop creative skills, children and adolescents need the right setting. Drawing on our experience and ideas, we help provide the right setting.

  • Consulting
  • Development of teaching concepts for
    • Company visits and factory tours
    • Projects and internships
    • Presentations and exhibits
  • Preparation of media

Key Areas

  • Cooperation between Schools and industry
  • Education partnership industry/school
  • Career orientation
  • Inspiring youths with technical topics
  • Exploration of technical job descriptions
  • Exploration of production and products
  • Planning of visits involving groups of schoolchildren
  • Planning and implementation of projects and internships
  • Dovetailing of school activities involving companies and businesses with training programs
  • Production of videos, text books and exhibits
  • School development

Project Examples

  • Bridge-building
  • Material testing
  • Dental technology
  • Company visits


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Phone: +49 7533 98440
Management: Horst Scheu
(Stand: 04/21/2022)

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