Steinbeis Transfer Center Task Management Solutions


This Steinbeis Enterprise (SE) creates and develops web-based software for managing tasks and projects, and sells its solutions to automotive companies, aircraft manufacturers, producers of mechatronic systems, mechanical engineering companies, machine makers, software developers, public administration bodies, insurance companies, and other sectors of industry.

The SE advises its clients on their processes and recommends individually matched solutions. It provides support with introducing solutions to client processes and runs training courses.

Its task and project management solutions can also be integrated into clients’ existing IT and process landscapes. 

Key Areas

  • Task and project management software
  • Innovation lifecycle management (ILM) solutions
  • Solutions revolving around the customer-service interface
  • Process consulting and process design according to CMMI and the V-model
  • Workflow management solutions



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Eugen-Ruoff-Str. 30, D-71404 Korb
Phone: +49 7151 99489-60
Fax: +49 7151 99489-61
Management: Prof. Dr. Jörg Friedrich
(Stand: 02/01/2024)

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