Economic Mediation Budapest (EMB)


  • Business start-ups in Hungary
  • Setting up of subsidiaries in Hungary
  • Sourcing of staff for subsidiaries
  • Sourcing of premises for subsidiaries
  • Market analysis in Hungary
  • Intercultural training for entrepreneurs
  • Training and staff development in conflict management and business mediation (Steinbeis Mediator), including focus on Germany/Hungary

Key Areas

We support you with:

  • Setting up of businesses/subsidiaries in Hungary and staff recruitment
  • Solving disputes between Hungarian and German(-speaking) companies; solving intercultural/international conflict
  • Training

Project Examples

  • Training of business mediators (Steinbeis Mediator). For more information please follow the link in the address box.
  • Seminar: Business law in Hungary (1 day)
  • Seminar: Business start-ups in Hungary (2 days)
  • Seminar: Quality management in Hungary (1 day)
  • Seminar: Intercultural training for entrepreneurs (2 days)
  • Plus choice of individual consulting sessions
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Hegedüs Gy. U.13, H-1394 Budapest
Phone: +36 1236-4072
Fax: +36 1236-4079
Management: Prof. Dr. habil. Gernot Barth
Dr. Josef Kimmel
(Stand: 08/30/2023)

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