Steinbeis Transfer Center Internationalisation - Equity Participation - Succession Regulation


  • Support and advisory services on regulating corporate succession, company acquisitions, and company sales
  • Drafting of financing concepts
  • Development of business model against the backdrop of technological trends
  • Advisory services on internationalization projects
  • Expert reports for company evaluations and financing

Key Areas

  • Succession planning and company transactions (M&As)
  • Company evaluations
  • Business development
  • Financing

Steinbeis Competence Team for Technology Implementation and Business Optimization C|T|B


The challenges of fast-moving and increasingly digitalized business environments

Successful companies add value by offering appealing products, efficient processes, and new business models. In doing so, the difficulty lies not in a lack of good ideas, but instead in understanding the quality of ideas, implementing them on time, and launching them successfully. A variety of studies point to the fact that it is not so much about the amount of money companies channel into R&D, but about using available resources intelligently and in the right places. Something that is often overlooked in everyday business is that technology and product trends cannot be simply extrapolated into the future. Innovations often result in a process of continuous renewal and this forces businesses to regularly question their current business model and explore new ways to safeguard their competitiveness.


The Steinbeis Competence Team For Technology Implementation and Business Optimization (K|T|U) provides you with support in identifying technology trends and translating these into new business models, future products, or new production processes. This also involves help with attracting state, federal, or EU funding. To do this and develop important new ideas, scientific methods, and resources, we work in close partnership with Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences and the Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis INT.

Our portfolio of services

Our team of experts provides you with support as you tackle complexity on the road to success. To achieve the optimum outcome, our collaboration with you focuses heavily on the long term.

Our team

Peter Philippi-Beck
has been a professor for international business administration and entrepreneurship at Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences since 2004. After graduating in business and gaining his doctorate, Philippi-Beck became a specialist in corporate development and company acquisitions. His passion lies in entrepreneurship and the implementation of innovations, especially the introduction of new business models.

Heiner Smets
has been a professor for production and automation technology at Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences since 2009. After graduating in mechanical engineering and gaining his doctorate, Smets went on to gather a wealth of experience in a variety of management positions and he still taps into the insights he gained into complete company processes in every project to this day.


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