Steinbeis Transfer Center Steinbeis Rating Advisory Centre


  • Rating consulting for overall ratings
    • Balance sheet ratings  
    • Overall ratings composed of quantitative and qualitative ratings
  • Consulting:
    • For internal bank ratings
    • For pending external ratings
  • Coaching
    • Preparation for bank interviews
    • Assistance with bank interviews
  • Securities assessments
    • Determination of lending values/lending limits
    • Calculation of securities values and unsecured shares
    • Prospects for improving the securities situation
  • Implementation
    • Improvement of quantitative rating factors
      • Assets and capital structure
      • Finance and liquidity status
      • Revenue status
    • Improvement of qualitative rating factors
      • Industry, product and market position
      • Strategy, business management and human resources policy
      • Internal value chain
      • Planning and management

Key Areas

  • General consulting
    • Rating consulting
    • Financial consulting
    • Support with access to equity and borrowing capital (still investment capital for the MBG holding company in Baden-Württemberg)
    • Assistance accessing funding programs

Project Examples

  • Preparation for an internal bank rating, support through to the bank interview
  • Preparation for an external rating, support through to interview with the venture capital lender


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Postfach 05 50, D-78205 Singen
Phone: +49 7731 9058-25
Fax: +49 7731 9058-22
Management: Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Michael R. Kramer
(Stand: 05/06/2024)

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