Steinbeis Transfer Center Spring Technology, Component Properties and Processes


  • Consulting
  • Applied R&D
  • Testing
  • Measurement
  • Analysis
  • Process re-engineering, continuous improvement processes (CIP)
  • Seminars and continuing professional development

Key Areas

  • Spring technology
    • Analysis and assessment of manufacturing processes
    • Damage assessment
    • Improvement of longevity of shot blasting and stress peening
    • Training
  • Surface hardening
    • Analysis of shot peening processes
    • Analysis and implementation of deep rolling
    • Measurement of induced internal stresses (X-ray plotting)
    • Measurement of surface roughness (visual)
    • Improvement of hardening processes
  • Stress assessment
    • Radiographic stress determination with two accredited methods
    • X-ray stress measurement, even for large components (in-house laboratory, up to 1 metric ton and 2.5 meters in length), mobile measurement on site
  • (Process) re-engineering
    • Analysis of business processes, reduction of unproductive activities, improvement of productivity
    • Starting and implementation of projects
    • Training (also for ISO 9000)
  • Continuous improvement processes (CIP)
    • Introducing CIP to companies
    • Running of workshops (also for ISO 9000)
    • Project coaching
    • Support during implementation
  • Key qualifications
    • Training on presenting, visualization, moderation, problem-solving
    • Moderated sessions

Project Examples

  • Spring technology
    • Analysis of manufacturing processes aimed at optimizing the durability of vehicle springs
  • Surface hardening
    • Determination of optimum process parameter for blasting coil springs under tension
  • Stress determination
    • Determination of cold roll stress aimed at improving surface properties
  • (Process) re-engineering
    • Restructuring of entire production setups at the secondary plant of a scaffolding manufacturer
    • Introduction of a uniform computer system aimed at improving the control of all production processes at a metal processing plant
  • Continuous improvement processes (CIP)
    • Improvement of tooling times at a CNC center
    • Reduction of waste during the casting of cores at a foundry
    • Improvement of travel expense accounting at an office in public administration
    • Reduction of in-house transportation damage while conveying stainless steel coils
  • Key qualifications
    • Training on process awareness in preparation for ISO 9000:2000
    • Training on presenting and visualization


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

Stressful times (Transfer 2/2007)
Using stress speening to extend the dynamic lifetime of components

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