Steinbeis Transfer Center Human Resources Management & Organizational Development


  • Human resources strategy
  • Individual human resources development and coaching
  • Qualification and training programs
  • Strategic and operative organizational development
  • Work organization
  • Occupational safety consulting
  • Quality management
  • Benchmarking and scientific studies

Key Areas

  • Human resources strategy
    • Analysis of human resource areas and projects by location
    • Development and implementation of strategies for human resource areas
    • Development of management mission statements
    • Control parameters for human resources work
  • Individual human resources development and coaching
    • Determination of qualification needs through diagnostic work analysis
    • Competence models and career track concepts for specialists and managers
    • Potential analyses and auditing of managers to identify top performers and to derive individual human resources development needs
    • 360° feedback
    • 100-day coaching for orientation of specialists and managers in new positions
    • Methodological coaching on management techniques in specialist areas
    • Coaching for personality development
  • Qualification and training
    • Employee management – setting objectives, delegation, control mechanisms, employee meetings
    • Successful project management
    • Work methods for project managers
    • Decision-making in difficult, complex situations
    • Communication and rhetoric for management and sale employees
    • Time and self-management
    • Moderation and presentation techniques
    • Marketing management
    • Sales training
    • Creativity and problem-solving techniques
    • Women in management positions
  • Production of computer based trainings (CBT)
  • Strategic organizational development
    • Holistic organization and situation diagnosis on company culture, flexibility, management and communication structure
    • Vision and mission statement development for strategic rebranding
    • Planning and assistance for post-merger integration processes
    • Introduction of control instruments (such as Balanced Scorecard)
  • Business organizational development
    • Project management/program management during change processes
    • Moderation of strategy and top management workshops
    • Moderation of individual and group events
    • Control of interface between management and employee committees
    • Design, implementation, and follow-up for employee surveys
    • Design, implementation, and follow-up for the analysis of teams and team development
    • Design of information and communication processes during the change process
    • Conflict management during the change process
  • Work organization
    • Evaluation and benchmarking of work formats
    • Implementation of group and teamwork
    • Design of customer-oriented processes
    • Ergonomic workplace design
  • Occupational safety according to German occupational safety legislation
    • Risk analysis and workplace reports
    • Safety training and introductory seminars
    • Internal professional development for occupational safety designees
  • Quality management
    • Introduction of quality management systems according to ISO 9000:2000 standards
    • Preparation for certification
    • Quality audits for IT and organizational projects


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