Steinbeis Transfer Center Production and Organization


  • Consulting and problem-solving
  • Applied research and development
  • Training
  • Management on demand

Key Areas

  • Business administration and management
    • Organizational planning in manufacturing companies
    • Technical and organizational assessment of companies
    • Development and positioning of business fields
    • Plant planning (infrastructure and material flow planning)
  • Production and work organization
    • Concept development and introduction of efficient manufacturing strategies
    • Re-alignment of contract management (business process development)
    • Integrated action plans for reducing stocks and throughput times
    • Introduction of lean organizations and processes
    • Concept development and introduction of efficiency measures relating to work organization
    • Concept development and introduction of remuneration systems
  • Productivity management
    • Concept development and implementation of measures to raise the efficiency of production systems
    • Production analysis, including definition of weaknesses and estimating potential
    • Eradicating downtime and waste
    • Making “rigid” production systems more flexible
    • Automation concepts
    • Key indicator systems
  • Handling and assembly technology
    • Concept development and planning of assembly systems
    • Drafting of specification lists and supervision during implementation
    • Planning of assembly strategies for flexible parts
    • Planning the use of industrial robots
    • Planning of assembly technologies
    • Assembly-friendly product design
  • Product development
    • Planning, setting up and launching of development management systems and financial controls in development
    • Product evaluation within the context of assembly compliance
    • Product design
  • Training
    • Running of courses on robot technology and programming
    • Running of courses on offline programming and simulation of automation systems


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Tiefenbronner Str. 65, D-75175 Pforzheim
Phone: +49 7231 28-6664
Fax: +49 7231 28-6050
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Emmerich
(Stand: 02/23/2023)

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