Steinbeis Transfer Center Groundwater Modelling


  • Model calculations
  • Model development
  • Expert reports and studies
  • Consulting
  • Further education and training
  • Academic research

Key Areas

  • Groundwater flow
    • Calculation of the drainage area of a drinking water fountain
    • Prognosis of the water level changes during construction work (e.g.,  gravel mining, strip mining)
    • Hydraulic design of sanitation measures
  • Substance transfer in groundwater
    • Prognosis of the spread of harmful substances (e.g., organic contaminants, nitrates)
    • Development of sanitation strategies
    • Quality pumping testing and evaluation
    • Simulation of heat transfer
  • Chemical and biochemical applications (reactive substances transfer)
    • Quantification of natural pollutant reduction (natural attenuation)
    • Checks of in-situ sanitation measures
    • Design of biological sanitation measures
    • Root cause analysis for changes in water quality (e.g., increase in sulfates, acidity)

Project Examples

  • Three-dimensional modeling of substance transfers for the "aromatics field" (German: Aromatenfeld) area on the premises of the Ruhr Terminal at the German BP company site, Hünxe
  • Investigation of the discharge flow area for a historic downtown area at the former chemical factory “Dr. Freund” in Sandhausen, Germany – numerical simulation for the hydraulics of various sanitation scenarios
  • Model calculations for groundwater flows and heat transfer in the hydro-geothermal field of Istibanja-Vinica, Macedonia
  • Model calculation to secure the drainage area in the area around the former factory premises of the company C.H. Boehringer Sohn in Hamburg-Moorfleet, Germany
  • Flow and transfer model calculations for volatile halogenated hydrocarbon contamination (German: LHKW) at the company premises of the Pfalz- Flugzeugwerke company in Speyer, Germany
  • Flow model calculations of the influence of planned, wet de-sanding on the groundwater levels in the area around Winkhausen, Germany (country of Paderborn)
  • Model calculation of the effects of groundwater extraction on the regional groundwater flow at the premises of the MiRO factory 2
  • Model calculation for reactive substance transfer in the groundwater related to the case of damages at VW Stöcken, Hall 23
  • Model calculation for groundwater flow and for substance transfer in the area of the former sand wash facility at the Detlef Klein company in district of Roßstadt, lower Franconia, Germany
  • Modeling of the reactive substance transfer within the scope of the plans outlined by the research association of the state of Bavaria, Germany
  • Sustainable management of contaminated sites under consideration of natural purification capabilities, sub-project 5 "Case of Volatile Halogenated Hydrocarbon Contamination (LHKW) at the resin acid disposal site in Birkach near Kronach" (Germany)
  • BMBF project, Controlled natural Reserve and Depletion of Contaminants (German: KORA – Kontrollierter natürlicher Rückhalt und Abbau von Schadstoffen), sub-project 3.3c "Groundwater model for the research of natural attenuation of the chlorine hydrocarbons contamination (German LCKW) in East Karlsruhe/Killisfeld" (Germany)
  • Takeover of the specialist section "Hydrology" in the first expansion stage of the implementation of an e-learning course entitled "Introduction to Groundwater Flow Modelling" within the scope of the training program "Regional and International Approaches to Sustainable Cross-Border Groundwater Management"
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