Steinbeis-Transferzentrum TransferWorks BW


  • Project coordination and project management in technology-driven networks
  • Professional communication and technology marketing
  • Group moderation
  • Specialist tours and trade show tours
  • Workshops


  • Transfer and know-how sharing in the network
  • Lining up collaborative agreements and strategic alliances
  • Establishing contact and networking with target groups
  • Mapping of technology convergence as part of projects spanning multiple organizations and disciplines

Key Areas

Growth area: MINT

  • Equal opportunities
  • Specialists: consulting, drafting of skills profiles, and preparing for recruitment
  • Demographic change and generation management
  • Identification of company succession candidates
  • Mentoring

Business culture 4.0

  • Cultural change in companies
  • Modern company and leadership culture – New Work
  • Agile work and career models
  • Digital transformation: opportunities and challenges for mobile and flexible work

Diversity strategies and diversity management

  • A diversity of employees brings a diversity of skills, requiring a diversity of working models – making this a competitive factor for companies

Technology Transfer

  • Collision or convergence
  • Expert scouting
  • Matching and project planning
  • Realignment of value chain networks – cultures and philosophies
  • Resource management and conflicting usage scenarios


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Fronäckerweg 30, D-71101 Schönaich
Phone: +49 178 1978014
Management: Dipl.-Geol. Beate Wittkopp
(Stand: 01/17/2022)

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