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The Steinbeis Transfer Center for Risk Management is a competence center specialized in dealing with uncertainty surrounding the future development of values in organizations and companies. We provide companies – of various sizes and from a variety of industries – with practical solutions aimed at managing risk and opportunity. We adopt a critical approach to the increasingly fragmented and specialized nature of management systems and place emphasis on straightforward, deep-running, interdisciplinary, and integrated methods. We see the benefit that we create for our clients as the benchmark of our services. Our approach is based on clearly defined objectives, whose fulfillment is success in itself. Our skills are reflected in the projects, publications, teaching, and staff training programs we work on.

Values can be of a financial, material, or immaterial nature. Examples of values include products (goods and services), financial turnover, profits, efficiency, flexibility, batch sizes, volumes, market share, knowledge, ISO 9001 quality standards, ISO 14001 environmental standards, ISO 50001 energy standards, data security, product safety, and more.

Stakeholders and shareholders – internal and external – are interested in the values of organizations and companies. They include owners, investors, top/senior management, staff, customers, the environment, suppliers, the authorities, and partners. Their interests range from statutory rights to bilateral contracts and unilateral curiosity. Managing values involves serving all of the interests of stakeholders and shareholders in an appropriate and systematic manner.

Values management and value creation are subject to the universally accepted and generic conditions of controlled risk, good governance, and full compliance. These three conditions are values in themselves.
Risk is a perspective on safeguarding planned value in the future. Suitable and systematic risk and opportunity management should be an integral part of values management and value creation. Risk and opportunity are possible deviations in future outcomes from the planned objective. Risk management and opportunity management are the systematic management of threats and opportunities according to planned guidelines within a PDCA cycle.

Risk management transcends different disciplines and revolves around safeguarding future values and uncertainty – how it is applied and perspectives range from differentiated, partial, individual risks – such as product safety – to integrated, holistic, overall risk.

Controlled risk entails systematically managing pertinent threats in a specific area, in both qualitative and quantitative terms.
Compliance in a narrower sense is the fulfillment of external legal requirements by an organization or company. In a wider sense, compliance encompasses adherence to binding policies, standards, and procedures. Managing compliance is based strongly on form and fact.

The discipline of compliance management is characteristically a form of project management conducted by a suitably experienced, fully qualified attorney in order to safeguard competence in this area.

Full compliance means adhering to and also leveraging the legal framework dictating the activities of the company.
Governance comprises managing responsibilities for values and non-valued factors including risks, accountability, liability for decisions and actions, and thus also processes and projects within a company/organization.

Good governance means ensuring that people take responsibility for the values of a company through structures and processes, under all circumstances, and if necessary using external standards.

Key Areas

  • Steinbeis Risk Audit – Have all key risks been captured?
  • Steinbeis Risk Management Audit – Are existing risk management practices suitable, effective and efficient?
  • Steinbeis Cost of Risk Check – What are the costs, and what benefit does existing risk management bring?
  • Steinbeis Risk Management Analysis and Concept – What risk management practices are appropriate?
  • Steinbeis Risk Management Implementation  - 
    • Adhering to the new ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard
    • As part of the EFQM model
    • With a strategy map / balanced score card
  • Steinbeis Risk Management Integration -
    • Vertical integration: integrating all Risk management activities throughout the company into ISO 31000
    • Horizontal integration: integrating risk management (ISO 31000) with quality management (ISO 9001)
  • BCM: emergency and crisis planning - concept and implementation
  • Coaching: risk management for risk managers/quality managers
  • Workshops: Steinbeis paves the way for companies
    • Information on the new risk management standard ISO 31000
    • Developing risk management out of quality management
    • Risk and opportunity management under the new standard ISO 31000
    • Integrated risk management – possibilities and feasibilities
    • Implementing risk management and strategy maps/BSC
    • Crisis and emergency planning in risk management
    • Safety and risk management
    • Risk management: methods and tools (ISO / IEC 31010)

Project Examples

Selected Publications

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