Steinbeis Transfer Center ExpertCom


  • Training in the field of information and telecommunication technologies
    • Development of qualification concepts and training documents
    • Class-based instruction
    • E-learning
  • Consulting in the field of information and telecommunication technologies
    • Systems consulting: analysis, planning and design
    • Support during implementation
    • Technical and market-based expert reports
    • Planning of communication networks
    • Technical evaluation of patents
    • Technical translations
    • Technical documentation
    • Publications

Key Areas

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
    • Processes of identification and data capturing
    • RFID systems development
    • Application of RFID
    • RFID in logistics
  • Telecommunications protocol: development, testing and application
    • Protocol development
    • Protocol testing and verification
  • Mobile communication networks
    • 3rd generation - 3GPP: UMTS
    • WLAN/WiFi; Bluetooth; UWB
    • WMAN/WiMAX
    • Unlicensed mobile access (UMA)
  • Mobile communication services and applications
    • Location-based services (LBS)
    • Mobile execution environment (MEXE)
    • Personalization and customization of services
    • IP-based multimedia services (IMS)
    • Triple play, quadruple play
  • IP-based networks (Internet, intranet/extranet, VPN, NGN)
  • Next generation network (NGN)
    • SIP protocol, H 323 protocol, voice and video over ip - (VoIP), MEGACO
    • Fixed mobile convergence (FMC)
  • Voice and video quality analysis (VQA)
    • Mean opinion score (MOS)
    • Perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ)
    • E model
    • MPEG stream analysis
  • Web services and services-oriented architecture
    • XML, XML scheme, XSL, WSDL, WS*
    • SOAP
    • UDDI and directory systems
    • Semantic Web, RDF, OWL
  • Web services and services-oriented architecture
  • ISDN and signaling with ITU-T No. 7
    • ISUP
  • Intelligent network
    • INAP and CAMEL
  • Network and service management
    • ASN.1, SNMP, RMON
  • Transmission networks
  • Security and confidentiality in telecommunications
    • IPSec, 802.1X, VPN
    • Risk analysis and security planning
  • Lawful interception: legal supervision of
    • Telecommunications
    • Mobile networks and fixed networks
    • ETSI and SORM standards

Project Examples

  • Planning of the implementation of RFID technology in innovative application scenarios for clients in Germany and Korea
  • Network studies for transmission networks
  • Study on memory architecture for the core area of mobile telephone networks
  • Consulting and database development for optimizing demand planning of assembly materials used in communication systems installation
  • Lawful interception: application in different network environments and countries
  • Expert reports on behalf of Steinbeis Stiftung GmbH: Verivox, Fileants
  • Consulting and training on protocol testing and the use of testing equipment
  • Planning, provision and editing of documentation for an intelligent network (IN) lecturing contract for Steinbeis University Berlin degree: Master of Business Administration
  • Qualification projects with class-based teaching and online training for clients inside and outside of Germany, including the following areas:
    • GSM/GPRS and UMTS
    • GSM Rail
    • WLAN and WMAN
    • WIMAX IEEE 802.16.
    • Network management and SNMP
    • IP-based networks and UNIX
    • SORM lawful interception
    • Intelligent Network IN
    • VQA
    • X.25 and Frame Relay
    • ITU-T No. 7
    • Web services and SOA

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