Steinbeis Transfer Center Small and Medium-Sized Business Management


  • Moderating and professional support during change management projects
  • HR consulting
  • Mittelstands-Akademie (medium-sized business academy)
  • Teaching concepts using technology-based qualification systems
  • Development and running of international qualification and consulting projects

Key Areas

  • Strategy-based change management
  • Requirements-based problem solving with the involvement of people affected
  • Strategy-based processes of organizational development
  • The path to becoming a learning organization
  • The role of managers as coaches for employees
  • Team development
  • New work organization methods
    • Lean companies during practical implementation
    • Development of flexible, process-based organization models in production and administration
    • Employee-based leadership and HR development
    • Design of self-organized working methods
    • Implementation of group tasks
  • Incentive and remuneration systems
    • Task restructuring
    • Development of qualification- and adaptability-based remuneration systems geared to prevailing requirements in production and service providers
    • Optimal use of tariff flexibility
    • Meaningful use of non-monetary incentive systems
    • Continuous staff qualification programs
  • HR consulting
    • Implementation of strategy-based management concepts in practical application
    • Control of theory-based development processes in companies
    • Coaching of managers on specific business issues
    • Moderation of demand-based workshops, management training, team training
    • Concept development and implementation of professional assessment centers
    • Quality assurance in HR; e.g., based on empirical studies
    • Analysis of company culture
    • Strategy-based change processes aimed at development of company culture
  • Mittelstands-Akademie (medium-sized business academy)
    • Needs-based training and consulting services for medium-sized enterprises, manual trade companies, public administration, local authorities and health care establishments
    • Open seminars and training on practical management issues
    • Transfer-based qualification programs in the field of social, methodical and specialist competence
    • In-house consulting and training services
    • Management Club – promotion of specialist and interpersonal communication for managers at local companies, exchanges of views between companies in different sectors of industry
    • Management workshops focus on key management topics as required
  • Teaching concepts using technology-based qualification systems
    • Measurement and analysis of qualification requirements
    • Development of action-based qualification systems according to natural learning processes at the workplace, self-organized learning using print media, classroom-based events and computer-based training such as business simulations and distance learning
    • Moderating and support of teaching development processes
    • Evaluation of qualification systems
  • Development and running of international qualification and consulting projects
    • Consulting on the development of qualification concepts outside Germany
    • Needs-based qualification programs for university lecturers and managers outside Germany
    • Change management
    • HR consulting
    • Coaching of managers
    • International business collaboration



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Marienstraße 20, D-89518 Heidenheim
Phone: +49 7321 2722-441
Fax: +49 7321 2722-449
Management: Prof. Ulrich Hummel
Prof. Dr. Klaus Höfle
(Stand: 06/09/2023)

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