Steinbeis Transfer Center Applied Research in Electrical Power Engineering


  • Modeling and computation of electrical energy supply units
  • Investment and cost calculation for electrical energy supply
  • Evaluation of transmission charges
  • Power station utilization optimization
  • High voltage testing up to 110 kV

Key Areas

  • Control unit optimization in thermal and hydraulic power plants
  • Analysis of control unit characteristics in wind energy plants
  • Analysis of the impact of a decentralized generating planton grid control
  • Analysis of grid stability, modal analysis
  • Optimization of secondary control unit characteristics in integrated grids

Project Examples

  • Evaluation of transmission charged for an energy distribution company
  • Analysis of control unit behavior of CCGTs for a consulting firm
  • Analysis of grid restoration characteristics for a European state grid


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

  • Energized (Transfer 1/2011)
    Turkey’s power grid links up with Europe’s
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Zur Mooskuhle 4, D-18059 Rostock
Phone: +49 381 498-7100
Management: Prof. Dr. Harald Weber
(Stand: 06/04/2024)

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