Steinbeis Transfer Center Advanced Risk Technologies (R-Tech)


  • Consulting, analysis
  • Representation
  • Courses, workshops and seminars
  • Auditing, writing of expert reports
  • Software development

in the following fields

  • Business risk management
  • Analysis and management of project-related technology risk
  • Data analysis (statistical methods, “smart” methods)
  • Project management

Key Areas

  • Risk management
    • RM - business risk management
    • Writing of BRM checklists for use in identifying, managing and reducing risk
    • Risk audits
    • Analysis and management of technical and technology-related risk associated with projects and investments
    • Uncertainty modeling
    • Modeling of expert opinions as part of risk assessment
    • Application of commercially available software: @RiskTM, DataEngineTM
    • Decision optimization of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM)
  • Data analysis, data mining, data warehouses
    • Conventional statistical data analysis
    • Introduction of data mining and data warehouses
    • Analysis of time series and identification of data clusters (customer data, case studies, monitoring data ...)
    • Feature analysis (recognition of data features in large volumes of data with an affect on behavioral outcomes)
    • Application of data analysis in quality assurance
    • Application of software tools: DataEngineTM, NeuroShellTM, NeuralistTM, ...
  • Consulting on the application of innovative smart technologies
    • Neuronal networks, case-based reasoning, knowledge-based systems, multi-criteria decision making (MCDM)
  • Software development
    • Web-based portals, pages, databases
    • Databases, data warehouses
    • Integration, expansion on customization of existing software solutions
  • Technology transfer, continuing professional development, method introduction
    • Seminars, crash courses and workshops
    • Internet-based continuing professional development and certification

Project Examples

  • Project management
    • Structured project management (SPM): an innovative, high-efficiency approach to project planning and implementation
    • Analysis of project risk, analysis of causes of deviations from project scheduling
    • Writing of project rescue plans and strategies
    • Implementation of SPM methods, MS Project
    • Courses for engineers working as project managers
    • Application of SPM in commercially available software tools (e.g. MS ProjectTM)
  • Application of smart technology (neuronal networks, fuzzy clustering) to predict energy prices
  • Development of a web-based portal for evaluating business risks online (AscRisk, BRM, ...)
  • Evaluation of applications – framework EU programs
  • Analysis and management of technical and technological risk – EU projects
  • Project rescue, EU projects
  • Consulting on software development for SMEs (e.g. case study databases)
  • Consulting on the introduction of risk-based methods
  • Consulting on or preparation of proposals (or both, including ghost writing)
  • Evaluation of domestic projects in Belgium, Norway, Finland, Portugal ...


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine


  • Jovanovic, Aleksandar (Hrsg.); Guntrum, Radmila (Hrsg.); Liu, Yan (Hrsg.) (2013): "Safe China Final Report" Promoting the EU and German standards and practices of Environmental Protection and Industrial Safety in China
  • OECD Publishing (Hrsg.) (2012): "Social Unrest" OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies
  • OECD Publishing (Hrsg.) (2012): "Systemic Financial Risk" OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies
  • Jovanovic, Aleksandar; Balos, Delija; Klimek, Peter; Quintero Chamorro, Flor Angela (2012): "Future of biofuels and other alternative fuels in aviation" Modeling economic and environmental impacts of possible scenarios of biofuels and alternative fuels use in aviation
  • Jovanovic, Aleksandar; Balos, Daniel; Bareiß, Jörg; Guntrum, Radmila; Gvozdenac, Dusan; Krause, Ulrich; Misita, Mirjana; Stamer, Malte; DEKRA Akademie GmbH Abt.: Bildungspolitik und - strategie; Stanojevic, Petar; Petroleum Industry of Serbia (2010): "ESPRiT Final Report" PPP-Project Enhancing Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection and Risk Management in Serbia by means of dedicated Training, Education and Technology Transfer
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