Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Computer Aided Technical Simulations (C.A.T.S.)


  • Consulting/value analysis
  • Finite element computations (ANSYS/Cosmos)
  • Multi-body simulation
  • Technical computations
  • Software development according to specific customer computation requirements involving Delphi Pascal and basic dialects (e.g. CNC controls)
  • 3D CAD design using Solidworks (only in combination with optimizations projects)

Key Areas

  • Fatigue strength and deformation resistance testing using FEM
  • Consulting support for design and development departments (with calculation issues) at all stages of development:
    • Project planning
    • Pilot production
    • Product optimization
    • Tear analysis/expert reports
  • Computation methods:
    • Structural mechanics
    • Areas of tension
    • Stiffness testing
    • Bearing forces for statically undefined systems
  • Buckling, bending
  • Modal analysis
  • Choice of conditions:
    • Internal pressure
    • Load spectrum
    • Non-linear contact
    • Thermal expansion

Project Examples

  • Optimization of ribbing on a machine frame
  • Optimization of notch stress/tear on metal plates
  • Many examples from 13 years of FEM experience stem from “off-the-rack” projects culminating in general design guidelines
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Birkenweg 2, D-77781 Biberach
Phone: +49 7835 547388
Management: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dieter Matthis
(Stand: 12/17/2018)

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