Steinbeis Transfer Center Medical Electronic and Lab on Chip Systems


  • Consulting
  • Studies
  • Micro-sensor-supported bioanalytics, characterization, long-term monitoring
  • Testing, maintenance, service
  • Applied research and development for pharmaceuticals screening
  • Development of devices and testing systems for biochip technologies
  • Education and training
  • Equipment:
    • Facilities for manufacturing semiconductor sensors and micro-sensors
    • Analytic light microscopy and video microscopy
    • Analytic transmission and scanning electron microscopy
    • Cell culture lab
    • Electronics lab

Key Areas

  • Biomedical sensor and actuator systems for diagnostics and therapy
    • Sensor chip for functional cell screening
    • Cellular systems for pharmaceuticals screening
  • Bioelectronic testing systems for environmental analysis
  • Micro-sensor array technology
    • Micro-sensor systems in discrete and fully-integrated modular technology
    • Semiconductor technology
    • Cell culture technology/cellular technology
  • Biophysical characterization systems, analytical electron microscopy


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

Sensor-Driven Diagnostics: Immediate, Reliable, and Quick (Transfer 2/2020)
Bioelectronic sensors play an increasingly central role in patient treatment
Biosensors get cells talking (Transfer 2/2015)
Steinbeis experts develop analytical instruments for medicine and biology
Bio-analysis “to go” (Transfer 1/2014)
Steinbeis develops mobile measuring device to record toxicity

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Fendstraße 7, D-80802 München
Phone: +49 89 8905 4347
Management: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wolf
(Stand: 03/01/2021)

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