Steinbeis Transfer Center Innovation and Organization


  • Consulting in the field of product development involving CAD, PDM/PLM, ERP/PPS and even CMS
  • Advice on the introduction of product information systems (PIM)
  • Independent (“system-neutral”) consulting during selection and introduction projects
  • Expert reports, studies, publications and technical specifications
  • Coaching of in-house project managers
  • Third-party project management, on contract
  • Management consulting
  • Seminars and training courses

Key Areas

  • Research and development, engineering design
    • Neutral advisory services, system comparisons, benchmarking
    • Organizational and technology consulting on the selection and introduction of CAD and PDM/PLM systems, as well as migrations between systems
    • Organizational and technology consulting on the selection and introduction of ECAD and ECAE systems (circuit diagram development, circuit board development)
    • ERP interfaces
    • Mechatronics in product development
    • Methods development
    • Training concepts
    • Planning and management of research, development, and design projections
    • Value/benefit analysis and economic viability assessments
    • Methods and support materials for cost-efficient design
  • Content management
    • Organizational and technology consulting on the selection and introduction of content management systems
    • Web content management (WCMS)
    • Enterprise content management (ECMS)
    • Portal solutions
    • Support with website agency selection (design pitches)
    • Advisory services on the design of sales-based processes with a bearing on cross-media publishing
    • Online catalogs
  • Quality management
    • Preparation for certification under DIN standard EN ISO 9000
    • Running of in-house audits
    • Introduction of total quality management; introduction and management of CIP
    • Employee and client surveys
    • Benchmarking
  • Change management
    • Optimization of organizational structures and workflows
    • Concept development and introduction of measures of innovation and organization
    • Moderation of troubleshooting workshops with management
    • Supervision of troubleshooting with affected parties
    • Strategy definition, campaign planning, and implementation support
    • Detailed planning of target-setting across entire companies
    • Coaching of managers
  • Business partnerships

    • Selection of funding programs, support with drafting applications, project coordination with respect to organizational aspects and content, reporting
    • Access to contacts in research institutions
    • Lining up contacts and partnerships between companies


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Phone: +49 7161 98618-3
Fax: +49 7161 98618-4
Am Wetterkreuz 3, D-89584 Ehingen
Phone: 07121 / 69 53 537
Fax: 07121 / 69 53 538
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Frech
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Oliver Brehm
(Stand: 03/27/2024)

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