Steinbeis Transfer Center Applied Geosciences and Environmental Research (STAGU)


  • Consulting of businesses and their management in the selection and implementation of geographic information systems (GIS) and image processing software
  • Studies, market analysis and expert reports relating to GIS, remote sensing and data processing
  • Applied research and development in the area of GIS and remote sensing
  • Development of specialist software applications for GIS and remote sensing
  • Satellites and aerial maps
  • Development of GIS-aided planning concepts (landscape structure plans and landscape plans, etc.)
  • Implementation of your GIS-Web connections

  • Data processing for your GIS

  • Professional development and training relating to GIS, remote sensing and digital image processing

Project Examples

  • BImSchGIS: A compilation and information system for factories subject to authorization by the German Federal Pollution Control Act.
  • HyScan: Maps the extent of impervious (paved) surfaces in cities using digital remote sensing data
  • Planalyst: A digital information and analysis instrument for various plans
  • MoFA: Development of an Internet-supported, mobile GIS-based leisure assistant application/app
  • Mobiles GIS: Development of a mobile system for the mapping of biotope types using satellite navigation (GPS), a portable computer (PDA), and suitable mapping software
  • VetGIS: GIS-aided analysis of spatial and temporal distribution patterns in farm animal epidemics in the regions of Lombardia and Veneto (Italy)
  • Satellite map: Environmental monitoring in the Diepholzer lower moor area – comprehensive land use classification of Lower Saxony with a focus on moor and greenlands
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