Steinbeis Transfer Center Corporate Organization


  • Consulting
  • Coaching, project management
  • Workshops, training
  • Expert reports

Key Areas

  • Selection, optimization and implementation of DP systems for production
    • Target planning
    • Development of operational strategies
    • Optimization of business processes
    • System selection
    • Launch concepts
    • Project management during system launch
  • Factory planning
    • Production strategies
    • Determination of planning basics
    • Creativity workshops with employees
    • Technical and financial evaluation of concept alternatives
    • Planning of layout, material and information flows
  • Project management
    • In-house seminars
    • Preparation for ISO 9000 certification and later
    • Generation of project management handbooks
    • Project management for different business tasks
  • Organization
    • Business process reengineering
    • Introduction of TQM concepts
  • Rationalization projects
    • Business planning assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises
    • Company checks for small and medium-sized enterprises
    • Setup of KPI systems
    • Investment planning and calculation
    • Process cost calculation

Project Examples

  • Selection und launch support for PPS systems in companies involved in tools construction, contract manufacture and molding
  • Tuning of a PP system for a carmaker
  • Selection and launch support for CAD and company-specific construction aids for an equipment manufacturer (programming through software provider)
  • Setup of computerized business planning (transmission manufacturer)
  • Planning of automated manufacturing for housing parts (automobile manufacturer)
  • Optimization of a manufacturing association of domestic and international companies in the area of drive technology
  • Complete planning of electronic manufacturing including information technology and logistics
  • Weak point analysis in production for a carmaker
  • Training in the area of operational cost management/project management
  • Simulation studies in the automotive and printing industries
  • Selection and implementation of a DNC system



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Unterer Prielweg 4, D-87700 Memmingen
Phone: +49 731 50-28193
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Buchberger

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