Steinbeis Transfer Center Biopharmacy and Analysis


  • Applied research and development
  • Development and improvement of in vitro models
  • Substance testing and measurement
  • Writing of expert reports, seminars, training
  • Literature searches, consulting

Key Areas

  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Drug delivery systems and organ-specific targeting
    • Formulation development for lipophilic drugs (oral, perenteral)
    • Particular and liposomal drug delivery systems, incl. immuno-liposomes
    • Cell and organ specific targeting (e.g. blood-brain barrier, liver, RES)
  • Pharmacokinetics
    • In vivo absorption/distribution/elimination studies (Ratten)
    • Organ perfusion systems (isolated perfused livers, isolated perfused kidneys)
    • Pharmacokinetics modeling
    • Phase I – human studies
  • Membrane transport/mechanistic studies
    • In vitro resorption studies (cell culture systems, e.g. Caco-2, capillaries of the blood-brain barrier)
    • Molecular membrane carrier protein identification (photoaffinity labeling, RT-PCR)
    • Cell kinetics (hepatocytes, brain capillary endothelium, enterocytes)
    • Fluorescence microscopy/autoradiography
  • Analytics
  • Consulting
    • Development of plant-based active substances for use in drugs and as biorational pesticides
    • Toxicology of plant-based active substances and poisons
    • DNA analysis (paternity analysis, genetic markers for breeding programs, forensic science)
  • Biochemical analysis
    • Pharmacokinetics of active ingredients (qualitative and quantitative using GLC, HPLC, GLC-MS)
    • Determination of pesticides in drugs and foodstuffs
    • Analysis von alkaloids, terpenes, narcotics and other toxins in food and drinks, drugs, and plant-based drugs
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fats, oils, amino acids, sugars and organic acids using GLC, HPLC, GLC-MS, photometry
  • DNA analysis
    • Lineage and paternity testing using DNA fingerprinting, amplification and sequencing of marker genes
    • Identification of individuals and species using PCR + sequencing of marker genes or DNA fingerprinting
    • Determination of genetic similarity in breeding projects (to avoid in-breeding)
    • Development of DNA fingerprinting and microsatellite PCR for not previously investigated species
    • Identification of point mutation in genes
    • Storage of DNA samples for subsequent identity checks
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Management: Prof. Dr. Gert Fricker
Prof. Dr. Michael Wink
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