Steinbeis Transfer Center Marketing Research


  • Portfolio of services
  • Conducting of market research
  • Support in development and assessment of research projects
  • Full-time consulting on applying results to projects
  • Training, seminars
  • Applied research
  • Methodologies:
    • Written, telephone and online surveys
    • Secondary statistical analysis of research
    • Experimental analysis
    • Uni-, bi- and multivariate statistical processes

Key Areas

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Subscriber surveys
  • Location checks
  • Market segmentation/target group research
  • Determination of market potential
  • Image analysis
  • Company-specific success factors in marketing
  • Product and pack tests
  • Regional market analyses
  • Public surveys

Project Examples

  • Public opinion advisory board to improve citizen orientation
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and profiling strategies for a company in system catering
  • Readership analysis for daily regional newspapers
  • Experimental acceptance research for a software packaging company
  • Online pack test for food products
  • Secondary and primary tourism research for the county of Heidenheim
  • Analysis of education requirements in Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Survey of trade customer satisfaction and purchasing behavior for cities in eastern Wuerttemberg
  • Concept development and assessment of customer satisfaction surveys in the fields of teaching materials, life sciences, pharmaceutical wholesaling, the chemical engineering industry, and music schools
  • Citizen feedback on slogans in city marketing (“Claim Check”)
  • Assessment of a survey of customer club members in order to identify customer target groups and boost customer loyalty

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Marienstr. 20, D-89518 Heidenheim
Phone: +49 7321 2722-221
Fax: +49 7321 2722-229
Management: Prof. Dr. Michael Froböse
(Stand: 05/29/2024)

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