Steinbeis Transfer Center Network Planning and Evaluation



  • Advisory services and project planning of converged broadband IP networks
  • Analysis and drafting of expert assessments on the quality of IT infrastructure
  • Testing of software quality and characterization of security loopholes
  • Hardware and software development
  • Applied research and development
  • Expert reports, seminars, and staff development


  • Communication strategies on the attractiveness of regions
  • Analysis of the potential of sectors of the economy

Key Areas


  • Characterization of network components in broadband IP networks
  • Protocol analysis, performance assessment
  • Security concepts, planning of security solutions
  • Development of solutions for documenting security loopholes
  • Application of cryptographic processes
  • Quality assurance in networks


  • Regional economies and regional development
  • Assessment of sectors of industry and business infrastructure

Project Examples


  • Testing of components used in communication technology
  • Data measurement and fault-finding in IP-based call centers
  • Support with requests for quotations and data measurement in public sector facilities
  • Development of network components and network analyzers
  • Development of applications for analyzing the security of radio protocols
  • Development of apps for providing advisory services to small and medium-sized business on secure IT operations


  • A communication strategy for raising the attractiveness of Mecklenburg-West Pommerania
  • An economic development drive and promotion of small and medium-sized business in Mecklenburg-West Pommerania


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