Steinbeis Transfer Center Advanced Engineering Technology


  • Consulting
  • Applied research and development
  • Writing of expert reports
  • Industry seminars

Key Areas

  • Process optimization and automation
    • Automation of processes in production
    • Optimization of logistical processes
  • Fine and minute finishing
    • Modern grinding technology
    • High-performance and high-speed loops
    • Honing, lapping
    • Selection of cooling lubricants and optimization of cooling lubricant application
    • Processing of special materials
  • Manufacturing processes
    • Application consulting on the selection of suitable manufacturing  processes
    • Consulting on modern, unconventional manufacturing processes
    • Surface technology
  • Tooling machines
    • Development of special machines
    • Concept for re-commissioning machines
    • Tooling machines for combined processes
  • Tools
    • Development and construction of T-tools for varying applications
    • Development of tools for machining processes
    • Development of punch and cutting tools
    • Development of tools for processing special materials

Project Examples

  • Optimization of camshaft processing, new procedure tool and machine
  • Tool and process development for cogwheel processing
  • Development of a new machine for mass production of cylindrical components
  • Development of a nozzle system for applying cooling lubricants
  • Manufacturing of turbine blades
  • Setting up of sensors for determining first point of contact between tools and work pieces
  • Economic manufacturing of saw tools
  • Variety of projects on the optimization of grinding and dressing processes
  • Variety of projects on the optimization of the processing of special materials: ceramics materials, bone, silicon, diamonds, Inconel, titanium,...


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

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