Steinbeis Transfer Center Marketing, Logistics and Company Planning


  • Applied research and development
  • Consulting
  • Expert reports
  • Management training
  • Interim management
  • Organization and running of workshops and seminars
  • Independent project work

Key Areas

  • Marketing
    • Running of market research projects
    • Product development and design
    • Development and implementation of pricing strategies
    • Detailed planning of advertising concepts
    • Implementation of distribution concepts
    • Sales force training
    • Website design
    • Multimedia/interactive installations (e.g. design of code cards, brochures, posters, trailers, video clips)
  • Logistics
    • Location issues
    • Inventory and stock flow management
    • Acquisition marketing
    • Acquisition management
    • Travel and transportation concepts
    • Logistical monitoring
    • Selection and implementation of PPS systems
    • Optimization of material flows and throughput times
  • Business management
    • Environmental management
      • Energy and material flow management
      • Resource efficiency
    • Quality management
      • Preparation for certification
      • Revision of a quality management manual
      • Updating of business documentation (process instructions, work instructions, testing instructions)
      • Supervision of in-house audits
      • Interactive organization and documentation of business processes
      • Process planning projects
      • 8-D reports
      • Supplier evaluation
      • Measurement of customer satisfaction
      • Management evaluations
      • Risk/opportunity management
    • Organizational development
      • Coaching of management teams, employees, or both
      • Implementation of continuous improvement programs (CIP)
      • Presentation and revision of business processes
    • Information management
      • Adaptation and expansion of standard software
      • Concept development, selection, and implementation of business information and communication systems (e.g. SAP/R3)
    • Project management, incl. project controls
    • Management accounting
    • Business start-up management




Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

  • “You need a vision” (Transfer 3/2023)
    An interview with Professor Uwe Dittmann, Steinbeis Entrepreneur at the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Marketing, Logistics and Company Planning at Pforzheim University
  • “There’ll be colossal change!” (Transfer 2/2021)
    An interview with Prof. Dr. Mario Schmidt of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Marketing, Logistics, and Company Planning at Pforzheim University
  • Tracking Down Energy Loss (Transfer 4/2015)
    Resource efficiency within companies
  • Leadership: an acquired skill (Transfer 3/2013)
    Development of modern people-management techniques
  • Editorial (Transfer 2/2013)


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Phone: +49 7231 28029-0
Fax: +49 7231 28029-1
Management: Prof. Uwe Dittmann
(Stand: 06/12/2023)

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