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  • Consulting, studies and expert reports
  • Applied research and development
  • Training and continuing professional development
  • Seminars and conventions
  • International technology transfer



Key Areas

  • Vehicle drives
    • Combustion engines
    • Exhaust emission technology, energy systems
    • Environmental technology
    • Construction
    • Test and measurement drives
  • Vehicle bodies
    • CAD (software: CATIA and EUCLID)
    • Fatigue strength
    • Material and joining technologies
  • Vehicle mechatronics and model construction/information science
    • Sensors and actuators
    • Electronic control devices
    • Control systems
    • Computation methods
    • Modeling and simulation

Project Examples

  • Market study on actuators and electrohydraulic control valves
  • Control model for vehicle judder
  • Technical supervision of a water wheel system
  • Operational supervision of pubic double-decker buses
  • Development of disk de-icing and cleaning equipment for cars
  • Adaptation of a fixed caravan part to off-road vehicles
  • Unwinding testing of car wheels
  • Fatigue measurement involving rear axles of a roadster
  • Experimental investigation of a 16-gear truck transmission system
  • Measurement of dynamic axle movement on a chassis dynamometer
  • Pressure testing of gas containers
  • Testing of motorcycle shock systems
  • Dynamic strength and noise measurement of motorized vehicles
  • Load-dependent mixing of water with diesel fuel to reduce nitrogen oxide
  • Suction tube injection on a petrol engine
  • Layer charge testing on a single cylinder petrol engine
  • Type testing involving a variety of engines
  • Measurement of valve movement on a drag test rig
  • Simulation of safety factors involving active steering
  • Simulation of a VA single-wheel steering system
  • PC program for simulating hydraulic transmission operation
  • Writing of interface functions for vehicle dynamics systems
  • PC program for calculating reflection on vehicle disks
  • Development of a device for measuring gear shifting force in cars
  • Fatigue testing on car axle parts during operation on the test rig
  • Dynamic strength testing of laser welded car body plates
  • Use of aluminum alloys in lightweight construction
  • Computation rules for MAG weld joints in car body construction
  • Load analysis of Boeing B 737 during towing (without tow bar)
  • Optimization of the front axle of an aircraft towing vehicle
  • Analysis of demands placed on elevator rails made out of aluminum alloys
  • Stress analysis of a truck-mounted cement pump for collective stress
  • Damage assessment involving a broken revolving tower crane
  • Damage assessment involving a broken flange ring on a truck-mounted cement pump
  • Definition of collective stress placed on bedspring washing machines
  • Damage assessment involving broken parts on racing cars
  • Weld joint used to join protective plates on special vehicles
  • Fatigue testing on nozzle body holders on diesel direct injection systems
  • Dynamic strength testing on generator fan blades


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