Steinbeis Transfer Center Infothek


Consulting, primarily for small and medium-sized companies, in the following areas:

  • Innovation
  • IP management
  • Marketing/sales
  • Funding
  • Expert reports with an emphasis on the value of proprietary rights and technologies
  • Seminars, workshops, and events in the fields of innovation, proprietary rights (patents, registered inventions, trade marks, designs)
  • Setting up and running of network projects, e.g., ZIM collaboration networks, clusters, etc.
  • Support/coaching of funding projects, such as WIPANO, ZIM, innovation vouchers, go-inno

Key Areas

  • Innovation
    Innovation processes often dictate the success of business enterprises
    • We plan and provide market and technology analysis.
    • Technology road maps show how technologies will evolve in the future.
    • We evaluate portfolios to determine strategic gaps, analyzing the competition.
    • Project support and management of innovative projects from initial concept to launch.
    • Ultimately, we work with companies to optimize appropriate innovation processes.
  • IP management
    • The Steinbeis Transfer Center joined forces with six other partners on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy to develop SIGNO, a patent value assessment method. Since introduction, evaluations have been conducted as part of the SIGNO safeguarding standards.
    • We are responsible for overseeing the WIPANO project, offering property rights support through the BMWi (with an emphasis on funding) as part of service bundles. 
    • We conduct property right research (patents, registered inventions, designs, trade marks) in domestic and international databases.
    • We optimize property rights strategies and assess patents as part of patent portfolio evaluations.
    • Identification of attractive technology fields through patent evaluations. Competitors are identified, assessed, and observed continuously (patent monitoring).
    • The SIGNO and INSTI programs provide insights into over 1,200 cases, drawing on significant experience with proprietary rights at small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Marketing/sales
    • New products and processes typically also require a new approach to marketing, especially when it comes to selling.
    • In the field of rights exploitation, we pinpoint producers, sales partners, and other kinds of business partners. Development or optimization of print and online media used with products.
    • New and efficient trade show management methods, developed by using our MICE service.
    • Running of company trade shows and events, with an emphasis on the field of technology transfer and proprietary rights.
    • Running of events, awards etc. primarily for inventions, innovations, technologies.
  • Funding
    There are a variety of funding programs available to small and medium-sized enterprises to make their innovation projects easier, quicker, and more effective. In particular, these are:
    • WIPANO
      Funding for SMEs to help with proprietary rights registrations (patents and registered designs), domestically and internationally.
    • ZIM
      A nationwide funding program for SMEs, spanning all kinds of technologies and sectors of industry. Also available to research institutions with a leaning toward industry, especially those that work with such SMEs.
    • Baden-Wuerttemberg innovation vouchers
      Financial backing for the planning, development, and implementation of new products or services, as well as for qualitative improvements
    • go-inno
      The “go-innovative” module enables SMEs to benefit from innovation consulting to help with the preparation of product innovations, technical process innovations, or making their innovation management more professional. The Steinbeis Transfer Center Infothek has been authorized by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as a consulting company.
    • And also
      There are a variety of subsidy options and loans, which have to be researched and applied for individually.

Project Examples


  • Market and technology analysis for a multifunctional drinks dispenser: Novelty resulting in a patent, production technology resulting in optimal manufacturing, market analysis resulting in sales potential, ideal sales structures, and smart pricing.
  • Introduction of a convalescence product including market research, sales analysis, and subsequent licensing negotiations.
  • Optimization of an in-house innovation system: savings thanks to in-house provision of service and acceleration of innovation processes by approx. 20%.

IP management

  • Analysis of the patent portfolio of a medium-sized enterprise including optimization of patent management. Result: savings amounting to several thousand euros.
  • Patent assessment of a patent portfolio after a company takeover.
  • Freedom-to-operate research for a technical medical product. Based on results, investor committed to project.
  • Regular competitor monitoring: new competitive product identified early.


  • Market analysis for a new connection system including target group analysis, estimate of potential etc.
  • A new website for a new machine concept.
  • Optimization of an SME’s trade show management with a new product line, using MICE.
  • Concept development and supervision (annually, since 2005) of the Artur Fischer Inventor Award booth at iENA Nuremberg. The Steinbeis Transfer Center Infothek provides active support for the Artur Fischer Inventor Award in Baden-Wuerttemberg.


  • Funding advice for a novel pipe connection. Programs involved: WIPANO/innovation vouchers- Funding of 22,000 euros
  • Consulting on the development of a new process for optimizing concrete surfaces. Programs involved: go-inno, ZIM- Funding of approx. 150,000 euros


  • DTI (German Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation)
  • Euregio Bodensee Nano Center e.V. (Lake Constance)


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  • Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (Hrsg.) (2007): "Erfinden im Team" Tipps für Erfinderclubs


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