Steinbeis Transfer Center Reactive Flow


  • Consulting
  • Basic research, applied research
  • Expert reports

Key Areas

  • Reactive flows
    • Laser spectroscopic examination of reactive flows
    • Multiple-phase flows (gas, fluids, solids)
    • Reaction mechanisms, reaction kinetics, reaction kinetic modeling and simulation of reactive flows
    • Dimensioning of technical reactors and processes
    • Combustion engineering 

  • Heterogeneous catalysis
    • High-temperature catalysis (partial and selective oxidation, reforming, catalytic combustion)
    • Exhaust treatment (TWC, SCR, NSC, DPF, DOC)

    • Reaction mechanisms for heterogeneous reaction systems
    • Coking, soot formation
  • Material synthesis
    • Chemical gas phase deposition and infiltration 

    • Composite carbon fiber materials
    • Biocompatible plating
  • Fuel cells (solid-oxide fuel cells)
  • DETCHEM software

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Burgunderstr. 14, D-76684 Östringen
Phone: +49 7247 9542387
Management: Prof. Dr. Olaf Deutschmann
Prof. Dr. Uwe Riedel
(Stand: 11/02/2022)

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