Steinbeis Transfer Center Software Engineering


  • Project assistance
  • System development
  • Computer administration and tools support
  • Consulting

Key Areas

  • Project assistance, particularly in the areas of:
    • Automotive development
    • Software engineering and life cycle management (e.g. Scrum, but other methods as well)
    • .NET frameworks and related Microsoft technologies
    • Internet and Web technologies (such as B. JEE and HTML5)
    • Apps for smartphones and tablets
  • System development
    • Compilation of requirements
    • System analysis
    • Feasibility analysis/system design/architecture
    • Implementation of new software systems and components
    • Tests and integration of hardware and software systems and components
    • Introduction and operation of tools for software development
    • Introduction of procedural models, methods for software development and configuration management
    • Project management
  • Computer administration
    • Administration for Linux systems including services and applications (Apache Webserver, for example)
    • Services based on service level agreements (SLA)
    • Hotlines for technical questions (2nd Level Support)
    • Tools support for users (1st Level Support)
    • Installation, configuration, roll-outs and migrations
    • Design of related life cycle processes, according to ITIL for example
  • Consulting
    • Management of software development requirements
    • Engineering procedural models
    • Improvement of development processes
    • System architecture
    • Reviews of software projects
    • Selection of tools
    • Quality assurance
    • Performance tuning

Project Examples

  • Information systems
    • Development of a platform for analysis and generation of reports from repair and warranty data
    • Compilation of specifications and architecture of a Web portal with high availability for electronic payment transactions
    • Development of an organizational and technical concept for a large distributed information system
    • System design for an information system
    • Setup of a data processing center for a division of a large company
    • Collaboration on the implementation of an information system for manufacturing
  • Embedded systems
    • In-the-loop simulations and testing of control unit models and control device software Post-hoc system design of a navigation device for a supplier in the U.S.
    • Design and integration of additional interfaces (communication interfaces, human-machine interfaces) in the device
    • Definition of software for the European version of a navigation/communication device used in aviation (large-scale, international project)
  • Automation systems
    • Design and implementation of a manufacturing system for package freight
    • Definition and design of a teleconnection center
    • Creation of plug-ins for diagnosis and parameter setting of electrical and pneumatic drives
    • Collaboration on a test-run for a small trade fair control center
    • Implementation of a configuration management strategy, system generation and in-house system tests for a control center comprising multiple computers
    • Design and implementation of a Bus protocol for a distributed sensor and control system
    • Complete documentation, software design, implementation of system components and carrying out of system tests for a laser scanner used to monitor safe zones in the area of automation
    • Collaboration on the design and creation of a range of barcode scanners
  • Implementation of methods and tools
    • Introduction of software development departments in a medium-sized business
    • Training on software engineering and programming languages (C, C++, Java, C#)


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Looking for the needle in the haystack (Transfer 2/2014)
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Committed Professor and Successful Entrepreneur (Löhn Award 2014)

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Phone: +49 711 305111-0
Management: Prof. Dr. Joachim Goll
(Stand: 06/01/2021)

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