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  • Consulting on business optimization in the corporate fields of finance, production, sales, marketing, innovation, and human resources.
  • Focus on SMEs, startups, business founders
  • Growth initiatives, productivity enhancement projects, and cost reduction programs
  • Company assessments and business recovery
  • Digital transformation
  • Succession planning
  • Complex projects involving selected experts from the entire Steinbeis Network

Key Areas

  • General Consulting:
    • Company assessments and the derivation of measures (e.g. using the Steinbeis ECC tool)
    • Support with accessing funding programs
  • Sales:
    • Assessment of sales strategies and optimization in trade and industry
    • Determination of growth strategies in sales
  • Marketing, Brand Management, and Innovation:
    • Market analysis, marketing mix reviews
    • Business model optimization
    • Strategic consulting on marketing and brand management:
      • Online marketing, social media, product marketing, product portfolio management
      • Brand strategies, brand positioning, brand architecture
      • Employer branding
    • Innovation consulting:
      • Introduction of innovation management
      • Acceleration of the development of innovations
      • Workshops
  • Production: lean management
  • Digital transformation:
    • Online marketing strategies and social media strategies
    • Digitalization in the healthcare industry: digital transformation strategies, medical apps, and e-commerce platforms
  • Succession and investment management:
    • Mediation and consultation on the acquisition and selling of SMEs
    • Succession planning and investment management
    • Business startup consulting aimed at acquiring a company
    • Lining up and organization of financial investors and equity capital
  • Business startup consulting:
    • Assessment of business concepts
    • Business model development
    • Marketing concepts
    • Business plans
    • Financial planning
    • Discussions with banks
    • Funding opportunities
  • Human resources management and development:
    • Optimization of personnel costs
    • Needs-based working hour models, performance-related remuneration models
    • Determination of training requirements based on specific targets
    • Development of HR development concepts with the support of DP systems
    • Development of corporate mission statements; corporate culture
    • Career coaching
  • Finances, processes, corporate recovery:
    • Analysis of costings, activity-based cost profiles, and management accounting instruments
    • Assessment of management accounting instruments
  • Keywords: Management consulting, corporate development, business model, business model development, business startups, expert reports, business recovery, marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, brand strategy, innovation, innovation management, HR development, succession planning, project management, efficiency improvements, quality management, shareholding, rating, management accounting, cost accounting, activity-based costing, corporate competence checks, ECC

Project Examples

  • Development of business startup concepts in service and technology fields
  • Expert reports on companies including recovery plans
  • Selection of an ERP system for use in order processing, materials logistics, and production planning
  • Introduction of project management to the product development process
  • Workshops on productivity enhancements, cost reduction, and product diversification
  • Coaching of business leaders on the implementation of efficiency enhancements
  • Submission of equity bids and stakeholder searches
  • Introduction of QM systems as part of a business concept
  • Running of workshops and training courses in the field of leadership, marketing, communication, and management
  • Restructuring of sales organizations, introduction of sales accounting systems and sales management
  • Introduction of innovation management
  • Development of a marketing and communication concept
  • Revision of a marketing concept and optimization of online marketing


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Phone: +49 7733 3653998
Management: Dipl.-Betriebswirt (BA) Hans-Jörg Bley
Prof. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Edmund Haupenthal
Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (BA) Ursula Schulz, MBA
(Stand: 02/16/2023)

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