Steinbeis Transfer Center Technology - Organization - Human Resources


  • Programs for raising productivity and reducing costs in companies and organizations
  • Business analysis, business assessments and business restructuring (international)
  • Management and financial monitoring of co-operations, investments, and company divestments (international)
  • Analysis, assessment and implementation of training instruments
  • Coordination of technical and business management projects with experts from the complete Steinbeis Network
  • Analysis of management accounting instruments used in companies and organizations
  • Analysis of the costing and process cost controls in companies and organizations
  • Analysis, assessment and implementation of company information systems and key performance indicator systems (rating systems)
  • Interim management
  • Digitalization in the healthcare sector: Digitalization strategies, medical apps and e-commerce platforms in cooperation with partners from the healthcare industry and health insurance companies

Key Areas

  • General consulting
    • Startup consulting
    • Company evaluations
    • Help pinpointing and mapping problems
    • Implementation of project management methods
    • Support with access to development programs
  • Business development/internationalization
    • Company evaluations
    • Support with corporate target setting
    • Improvement of key success factors in businesses
    • Development of efficiency improvement approaches and business restructuring measures
    • Application of a continuous improvement processes (CIP)
    • Coaching on the implementation of corporate development instruments
    • Development of a management accounts/cash management system
    • Development of costing and process cost control systems for a clearer overview of proceeds and costs
    • Development of a sales strategy and management accounting organization
    • Management of co-operations, investments and company divestments
  • Integrated business IT/ERP systems, management information and KPI systems
    • Preparation of functional specifications
    • Selection of computer systems based on cost-benefit analysis
    • Implementation planning and coordination
    • Profitability assessments
    • Design and implementation of IT-based management information and KPI systems (management and executive information systems: MIS, EIS) for business and operational control
    • Holistic concept development, relating to human resources, organizations and technical infrastructure
  • Human resources management and personnel development
    • Employee selection and assessment
    • Optimization of HR costs
    • Needs-based working time models
    • Performance-based wage models
    • Definition of target-based training requirements
    • Development of IT-based HR development concepts
  • Expert advice on startups and technology
    • Evaluations of technologies, companies and markets
    • Diversification strategies
    • Product development and evaluation
    • Support with product-based company collaborations
  • Continuing professional development/training
    • Qualification checks
    • Development of company-specific training concepts
    • In-house training
    • Open information days and presentations
    • Higher qualifications and sharing of experience in quality management (Q-Plus)
  • Management succession policies and investment management
  • Key words: startup consulting, expert reports, creditworthiness auditing, business consulting, business development, business reorganization, HR development, collaborations, management succession, project management, project support, efficiency drives, quality management, environmental management, ERP systems, investments, internationalization, rating, management accounts, cost accounting, business process accounting, KPI systems, key figure analysis

Project Examples

  • Development of startup concepts in the field of service and technology
  • Expert reports for companies implementing reorganization strategies
  • Selection of an ERP system for business management intended for order processing, resource management and production planning
  • Integration of project management new product development processes
  • Workshops on productivity improvements, cost reduction and product diversification
  • Coaching for company management on the implementation of efficiency drives
  • Support with investment offers and searches
  • Implementation of QM systems in company business strategies
  • Agreement and implementation of a performance-based wage model
  • Training for executives, communication and management
  • Restructuring of sales departments, implementation of sales monitoring systems and sales management
  • Implementation of new hardware (server, PCs, peripheral devices) and software (server operating systems, networks, business management systems, communication systems, distribution systems)
  • Implementation of streamlining measures in an office environment for service providers; workflow optimization through IT-based automation
  • Ratings; support during credit negotiations and meetings with banks
  • Implementation of management accounting processes and related information systems


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