Steinbeis Transfer Center Lighting Technology


  • Consulting on questions related to lighting technology
  • Applied research and development in the area of lighting technology
  • Expert reports in the area of lighting technology
  • Training and employee development in the area of artificial and natural light
  • Development of lighting equipment
  • Software development for lighting systems

Key Areas

  • Lighting environment
  • Simulation of artificial and natural light considering space interior and atmospheric conditions
  • Examinations of the use of artificial and natural light from a physiological, psychological and energy standpoint
  • Light perception
    • General studies on visual perception and visual comfort from a physiological and psychological standpoint
    • Investigations into the influence of adaptation on perception
  • Light planning
    • Development of lighting equipment and systems as a service
    • Development of CAD tools for light planning
    • Planning of equipment with artificial and natural lighting
  • Training

    • Basic courses on lighting technology and planning for architects, engineering companies and electronic systems designers
    • Determination of development methods for artificial and natural lighting
    • User training for planning with CAD lighting systems

Project Examples

  • Planning of artificial and natural light for the auditorium at Mercedes Benz in Sindelfingen
  • Planning of artificial and natural lighting for the annex building of Südwestfunk, national research (Mainz)
  • Lighting renovation for orchestral spaces at the Staatstheater (state theater) in Karlsruhe
  • Development and programming of an artificial lighting program for the company, debis
  • Connection of the CAD program AUTOCAD to existing light planning programs
  • Expert reports in the area of light technology for the Office of the Styrian State Government in Graz, Austria
  • Development of a program for the calculation of sunlight exposure in polygonal interiors considering side windows and overhead lighting
  • Development of an expert system for lighting control

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Schlehenweg 36, D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg
Phone: +49 4193 993660
Fax: +49 4193 993661
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Greule
(Stand: 12/04/2018)

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