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  • TQI consulting and projects
    • Setting up and development of company-specific lean management systems under DIN EN ISO 9001, under DIN EN 13485 in medical technology, under DIN EN ISO 14001 in the environmental field, under VDA automotives standards, as well as 6.1, IATF 16949
    • Setting up and development of key indicator systems and process measurements
    • Expansion of EFQM self assessment techniques and implementation of EFQM assessor training
    • Application of methods such as QFD, FMEA, SPC, VDA 2, VDA 6.3, VDA 6.5, used in product and process optimization
    • Strategy planning in cooperation with our customers
  • TQI Academy
    • One-day seminars, seminar lasting several days, intensive courses providing qualifications with certification, internationally recognized certificates, or both
    • Company-specific seminars and trainings on site
    • Topics: business excellence, EFQM license courses, management systems, methods and tools, project and process management, Six Sigma, QM manager, auditor training, Rating, DGQ, VDA QMC license course
  • TQI calibration laboratory services
    • Calibration of length measurement instruments, shape and surface technology
    • Maintenance and calibration of length measurement instruments and measurement microscopes
    • Calibration services for measurement equipment on site
    • Management of test tools (software)
    • Consulting on organization and measurement technology issues

Key Areas

  • The European Model for Excellence. Assessor training under license from EFQM Power for Excellence aimed at developing organizations
  • Quality and environmental management systems, VDA, and industry-specific regulations such as automotive, medicine, food, etc.
    • Setting up, project planning and launch of integrated management systems
    • Writing of management handbooks and process outlines
    • Implementation of stocktaking analyses and target concepts
    • Implementation of system and process audits
    • Support with the implementation of projects
    • Qualification training, officers, managers, auditors
  • Product and process optimization
    • Risk analysis of new products using FMEA
    • Product and process optimization using DoE, TRIZ, SPC, etc.
    • Efficient design of business processes
  • Six Sigma projects
    • Executive program, green belt, black belt, master black belt, including certificate
  • Public and company-specific continuing professional development at our academy in Gosheim
    • Qualification training: officers, managers, auditors
    • DGQ courses and examination
    • EFQM assessor training
    • Methods and tools
    • Test equipment management and measuring equipment suitability
    • Company seminars
    • Workshops and work groups
    • Running meetings/managing conflict/outdoor training
    • Staff motivation
  • Measurement technology
    • Testing equipment calibration and monitoring
    • Length measurement technology
    • Final dimension testing
    • Spectral analysis
    • Materials testing and analysis
    • Torque testing

Project Examples

  • Consulting on the launch of a management system
  • Drafting of management manuals under according to individual needs DIN EN ISO 9001, VDA 6.1, IATF 16949
  • Assessments according to the EFQM model
  • Setting up of a management system as part of the development of a group concept in small and medium-sized companies
  • Introduction of an environmental management system and implementation of environmental audits
  • Fast track company seminars for FMEA, SPC, VDA 6.3, VDA 6.5, DIN EN ISO 19011, EFQM
  • Six Sigma product and process improvements
  • Moderation of risk analysis, value analysis and optimization of new products and processes
  • Logging, administration, monitoring and calibration of test equipment
  • Metal materials testing


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