Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Aerospace


  • Goal:
    • Transfer of know-how in aerospace technology for small and medium-sized enterprises
    • Implementation of research and development projects
  • Technical consulting
  • Process planning and development
  • Applied research and development
  • Writing of expert reports and studies
  • Prototype development
  • Training in all of these areas
  • Engineering services (equipment design and post-implementation computation)

Key Areas

  • Plasma technology for the disposal of hazardous waste and the treatment of emissions
  • Aerospace use, microgravitation
  • Numerical methods
  • CBT software (computer based training)
  • Construction and validation of plasma generators
  • Satellite technology and satellite communications
  • Construction and validation of onboard hardware
  • Digital/analog signal processing and radio technology
  • FPGA-supported implementation of software algorithms for frontline real-time requirements
  • Development of computerized control hardware and software

Project Examples


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Rötestr. 15, D-71126 Gäufelden
Phone: +49 7032 994044
Fax: +49 7032 994046
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Huber
(Stand: 09/01/2021)

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