Steinbeis Transfer Center Factory Planning


  • Planning new developments
    • New developments on greenfield sites
    • Relocating existing production areas
    • Location analysis
  • Replanning and expansion planning
    • Rebuilding existing production sites
    • Expanding production capacity
    • Replanning based on new products and technology
  • Factory optimization
    • Boosting efficiency with only moderate use of resources
    • Process analysis and optimization
    • Material flow analysis and optimization
    • Layout analysis and optimization
  • Permanent factory planning
    • Factory planning as part of long-term corporate strategy
    • Developing a long-term usage concept
  • Fire protection planning
    • Building surveys
    • Fire protection concepts
    • Fire protection plans/firefighting plans
    • Escape and rescue plans

Key Areas

  • Assessment/analysis of current situation
    • Bill of quantity
    • Resources
    • Buildings and land
  • Concept planning
    • Factory structure planning
    • Planning production processes
    • Material flow planning
    • Land use planning
    • Layout planning (block layout, rough layout)
  • Detailed planning
    • Layout planning (fine details of layout)
    • Drafting service descriptions
    • Workplace design
    • Ergonomics
  • Implementation planning
    • Invitation to tender
    • Evaluating suppliers
  • Project completion
    • Revision of planning documents (comparing attained results with desired results)
    • Final documentation

Project Examples

  • Material flow optimization in the precision turned parts division of an engineering company
  • Planning a new greenfield development for satellite manufacture
  • Rough and detailed layout planning in engineering and automotive construction
  • Equipment planning for a textile firm 


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